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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tea Time - Some recent Teavana Fall Tea Purchases

One of the best things I love about fall, is the cooler weather makes for amazing snuggling with a good book while burning a lovely candle and drinking a cup of hot tea. Teavana is one of my favorite stores for loose tea, but I also visit several local ones around my area (which are also amazing).

This time around I purchased:

1. Aztec fire- A combination of chocolate and strawberries with a kick of hot peppers. This is a spicy chocolate lover's paradise. The chocolate taste is very strong, and the spicy peppers are very mild. All together this is a very interesting taste. 

2. Tulsi Dosha Chai - Probably one of my all time faveoruite teas that I have ever purchased at Teavana. It's a rooibos tea (red tea, and not necessarly a tea), so you can drink this anytime. This has strong notes of ginger, pepper, nutmeg, cloves and big pieces of cinammon. This tastes amazingly sweet though and makes a very delicous chai late with vanilla almond milk. Yum! 

3. Pumpkin Spice Brule Oolong - This is an oolong tea meaning it has caffeine. This has pumpkin seeds, white and black chocolate, undertone of sweet spice and mocha. This is delicious and perfect for fall. 

Hope you all are as excited about Halloween tomorrow as I am. 
Happy trick and treating tomorrow 

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