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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

NOTD - Essie French Affair

I saw this color at the store and was immediately drawn to it...gorgeous pink with a lavender undertone. It's similar to my all time favorite nail polish OPI mod about you but better. Essie have outdone themselves with this collection. This goes perfectly opaque in two coats! Mod about you can be a bit strikey.

Isn't this the perfect spring color? At the moment Essie is really impressing me.
What do you think about this color?

Monday, March 28, 2011

My every day makeup

I can't really say this is the makeup I wear every single day because ...well I love makeup, I have tons of it and love change but I wore this today and thought if I had to pick a group of items to compose an everyday look, a simple non complicated natural everyday look, this would be the group of items I would pick:

1. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage concealer. This covers most everything and I find that I don't have to wear foundation when I use this. Since I do not like to wear foundation every day, this is a life saver for me.
2. Smashbox trio. Smashbox eye colors are so lightly pigmented that they are very easy to wear and create a clean natural look. The colors in this trio are Vanilla (an off white matte color), Champagne (a shimmery champagne color) and Brazilian Bronze (shimmery golden bronze color). This is lovely for a natural no fuss eye look.
From left to right we have Brazilian Bronze, Champagne, and Vanilla.
3. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hour wear blush in Tipsy. All I can say is that I adore this blush. It's a hot coral color which looks amazing on any skin with a yellow tone...talking to all MAC NC's here. I'll need to do a separate review on this blush because it truly is amazing! 

4. Smashbox cream eyeliner in Midnight Brown. Again, like most smashbox items that I have, this is a pretty soft color with very little pigmentation which I know sounds bad to some people but really these type of items are very easy to use. You can always put more to increase pigmentation. The color itself it's a very dark brown.
5. Smashbox DNA mascara. This is great at separating lashes. It gives long flattery natural lashes, but the color is one of the most intense blacks I have seen.
6. MAC C-thru lip gloss. This is my all time, number one most favorite lip gloss in the entire world. I have tons of glosses but always go back to this. This is a beige nude but surprisingly easy to pull off.

Let me know what some of your items are for an every day fresh and natural look.

Hope you all have an amazing Monday! 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Le Metier De Beaute Spicy

I recently went to the Le Metier counter and I was immediately drawn to this eyeshadow. It literally called my name...It's a gorgeous golden bronze. These type of colors go perfect with green and blue eyes but I think this would suit any none. If MAC's bronze and woodwinked had a baby, it would be Le Metier De Beaute Spicy eyeshadow....weird analogy I know but if you mix them together, you would get something similar. I'm in love head over hills with this eyeshadow. The texture is amazing...creamy, buttery and everything you want an eyeshadow to be. It is so easy to apply, it literally applies itself. It is a dream to work with. The color itself has so much dimension and something you can wear all year around. Spicy is perfect for spring and summer to bronze up your look but it has so much dimension that in certain lights it looks a bit khaki so perfect for fall and winter just the same. Both pictures below are spicy swatched but you can see how different it looks in different lightening:

Do you own any Le Metier De Beaute eyeshadows?

Hope you all have had an amazing week.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Currently wearing...

Nicole by OPI peach paradise mani and OPI cajun shrimp pedi. These are both coral peachy colors that are gorgeous for this time of the year. Peach paradise is much more sheer so this is defiantly a manicure type of color. You get that blushed peach color but in a sheer version..not strickey and hard to apply but just feminine and less in your face peach which I quite like. Cajun shrimp on the other hand is a hot peach coral which is perfect for pedicures. No summer is complete without a cajun shrimp polish pedicure especially if you plan to let the sun and the beach caress your toes this summer!

 Peach paradise at the left and cajun shrimp at the right.
 What are your favorite coral peachy colors?
Hope you all are having an amazing day.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I unovi eyeshadows

I recently ordered some I Unovi eyeshadows and have been very impressed with them. I always get excited to find a new brand. I heard about I unovi eyeshadows while reading a post by Camilla Grammer's makeup artist Dedra Whitt. She posted in her blog about how much she loved these eyeshadows especially the metallogy ones. I'm a sucker for anything shiny and while most makeup artist love matte anything, I have always loved shimmery shadows (not glitter just shimmer).
These were very difficult to order. I tried to order them from their site but when trying to check out I kept getting an error message so I emailed the company and they emailed me back with a paypal address to send the money to. I paid and got them in about two weeks.
The eyeshadows are just gorgeous. I'll be buying quite a few more of these. I think in Singapore these may be priced less, but I paid $21 per shadow which is almost $10 more than I would pay here for MAC refill shadow.
I got both shadows in metallogy finish but they also make a few that aren't as shimmery and are called the dry/wet shadows (I believe ..not exactly sure)
I got champagne which is as the title suggests a soft champagne color with a bit of a pink undertone. The shadow itself is buttery and extremely easy to apply but it still feels solid and not super soft like say Stila kitten eyeshadow. I love the texture of these shadows. The colors are beautiful. They are very pigmented and everything I would want a metallic eyeshadow to be. I also got bronze which unlike MAC's bronze is less brown and more golden/orange type of color. This had the same texture as champagne and it was a dream to apply.
Swatch of Champagne:

Swatch of Bronze:
I am extremely impressed with these shadows and can go on and on about them. These swatches do not make them justice. They are so multidimensional but the camera isn't picking that up. The remind of what Shu Uemura's eyeshadows use to be before they were reformulated.
The only con I would say is the inability to buy them from their website which I don't understand why that is but that won't keep me from buying a few more.

Have you tried this brand?
Hope you all had an amazing weekend.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A whole lot of pinks....

These are some pinks in my collection that I turn to when I want what I call "a grown up pink". These are lovely pink but a little less "bubble gum" and more sophisticated which makes them perfect for a day at the office or a school day.
Left to right MAC melt in your mouth creamsheen glass, NARS nepal shadow, MAC posey cream blush and MAC pink swan.

1. Eyeshadow is the lovely NARS Nepal. This is a difficult color to explain because it is pink but it has sort of a champagne undertone. It's lovely on and out of all the NARS shadows that I have I use this the most.
2. I picked two blushes one cream and one powder. The cream blush is MAC Posey which is a gorgeous darker pink. This is the old formulation. MAC discontinued these and released some new ones in March. I love posey. A little goes a long way and it instantly warms up the face and gives that look of overall good health and gorgeousness. The powder blush is pink swan which is probably the most vibrant pink in this collection. It could be a borderline "bubble gum" pink but most of the time I layer this on top of Posey. It's a lovely color.
3. As lip color, I have picked MAC creamsheen glass in "melt in your mouth". It's a beautiful watermelon pink. Another one of those "darker pinks" that gives your face life instead of draining the color of your face.

What are some of your favorite "grown up" pinks?
Hope you all are having a great day.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

NOTD-Nicole by Opi Boys n' berry

I have been wearing tons of milky pink colors on my nails fact it feels that all of NOTD have been milky pinks or nude colors so I was craving something a little bit more rich. I pulled my nail polish collection and found one of the richest colors I have which is Boys n' Berry by Nicole by OPI. This is a gorgeous berry color with tons and tons of gold shimmer that's so microfine all you see is shine.
Mission accomplished. :) I love this color and it looks amazing on the toes as well as most intense darker colors do.
Do you have a favorite berry nail polish?
Hope you all are having an amazing day.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring is in the air!

It's so warm and pretty outside and it feels so spring like and gorgeous. I pulled some products that are perfect for this weather together today to do my makeup:
1. From the naked palette, I have been using the first color which is virgin. Virgin is a gorgeous white but it has a soft pearl hue to it that makes it soft on the eye. I put this all over the lid and it instantly opens up the eye and makes me look well rested. I use the second color on this palette, Sin half way thru the lid and up in my crease. Sin is a gorgeous shimmer champagne color. In the outer crease I use a bit of toasted which is the 9th color on this palette. Toasted is a gorgeous soft purple mauve (very hard to describe) shimmery color.
Below we have sin, virgin and toasted. Gorgeous for a soft spring like look.
2. I used vitalumiere aqua as a foundation today as there is nothing better than the feel of no make up when the weather is warm. This is absolutely gorgeous. It's very light on the skin and it feels like you have nothing on.
3. The lip product that always comes to mind when the weather is warm is Clarins Eclant minute. I have used this for what feels like years. It's amazing on. It's very soft and it gives a unique shine to the lips. It's not sticky so it doesn't last very long but who wants sticky when the weather is nice and warm?

4. For my nails I'm loving the nude colors such as Essies's topless and barefoot. This is a gorgeous nude. It's very difficult to find a nude polish but Essie did amazing with this.
What makeup are you loving right now?
I hope you all have had an amazing week.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My spring colors

The weather is warming up here and I'm getting spring fever...So I pulled out a bunch of products that make me think of spring. These are completely random and I'm sure once I post this I'll think of several others I should have posted. :)
1. Starting with MAC lazy day which is a gorgeous light soft pink color and the seashell lipstick packaging makes me think about spring and summer even more. This is a limited edition product but MAC makes several gorgeous pink colors that are perfect for spring. I even kept the packing of this because I thought it was super cute.
2. OPI strawberry margarita  nail polish. This is bright hot pink...enough said. This screams spring and summer!
3. MAC Well Dressed blush. I think most everyone owns this. It's a sexy bubble gum soft pink with a silver shimmer to it that gives it a slight sheen to the cheeks and a soft pinkish glow. It's absolutely stunning.

4. MAC honey lust. This is a gorgeous honey gold. I wear this all summer long. This swatches swatches chunky as it is a luster but it looks beautiful on and it's one of my favorite colors. This looks especially good on blondes or lighter skin tones.

These are some of the products that make me think of spring. What are some of the products that get you in the mood for warm weather?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

BWC lipstick

Hi everyone,
I recently won a giveaway hosted by Maria Rosaria and the blog is
You should all check her blog out and follow her if you don't already because she is amazing. She posts several reviews on beauty products and other items, and  has amazing taste. She is an animal lover as am I and she only reviews products that are cruelty free. She recently had a giveaway and I was one of the winners. The giveaway was a lipstick from BWC which stands for beauty without cruelty. I am a huge animal lover are my cats (always on top of the clothes I'm trying to wash) and my wonderful pup.

Here is a little bit about BWC:

Beauty Without Cruelty was founded in 1963 in England by the trustees of BWC Charitable Trust, an animal welfare organization. Its goal was to manufacture and distribute natural, color cosmetics that were NOT tested on animals (as was the norm) and did NOT contain any animal ingredients. Noel Gabriel, Katherine Long developed the first, full line of cruelty-free color cosmetics. As a huge animal love, I think it is extremely important to support these companies. For more details and to see the products, please check their site at and

On to the lipstick...I got wild watermelon which is a soft shimmer pink. First, the packaging is gorgeous. It is so classy and girly. I absolutely love it. The color itself is very nice and very pigmented. It felt very comfortable on and lasted a decent time. I have been browsing their site and will defiantly try some more of their products. Onto to the pictures of the lipstick:
I think it's extremely important to support a company who did something revolutionary when others didn't. BWC created a brand that wasn't tested on animals when others weren't, and as an animal lover, I appreciate companies like BWC.
What do you think about this lipstick?
Hope you all have had an amazing day.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kim Kardashian golden grammy 2011 eyeshadows

I don't usually post celebrity posts but was recently watching a video that showed all the products Kim K's make up artist used on her for the Grammy's. The eyeshadows were all Urban Decay and I owned all of them so I thought it would be interesting to do some swatches:
1. She used Blunt all over the lid which is a gold beige shimmer.
2. The next color she used mainly is chopper which she put mainly on the crease. Chopper  is a soft brown copper color. This has some glitter on it but the fall out is not as bad as say "midnight cowboy". I love this color.
3. Also along the crease she used Blazed which is a golden apricot type of color. Another one of my fave. It's similar to MAC's all that glitter but more goldish.

There are several videos on her look on youtube. I was going to post a picture of her but I hate to upload pictures from google that aren't mine. You can always google her look for the grammy's. She looks stunning.
Let me know what you think of her golden eye make up look. I love golden eyeshadows so of course I loved it.
Hope you all are doing amazing

Februar Favorites

Hi Everyone,
Happy March! I can't believe February is over already! I say this every month but in all fairness February is a short month. :)
Here are some of my faves this month:
1. MAC club eyeshadow. This is a duochrome green/brown color. Everyone needs this color in their lives :) This is such a unique color and one that you're not going to find very often. Urban Decay does one  similar called Launge ( I swatch this every time I go to sephora) which I'll get soon and review.
2. I usually wear club all over my lid for a quick smokey eye, and to open up the eyes I use an inner corner highlight. The one I have loved wearing is MAC Nylon which is a super bright shimmer yellow. Nylon holds a special spot in my heart. This was one of my first MAC shadows and one that I use a lot. It really opens up the eye. If you love inner corner highlights, you must get this. The pic below came out a bit too stark. It's extremely pigmented but not this stark.
3. For lips, I have adored wearing MAC pretty please. It's a shimmering light pink color. The shimmer highlights the lips for maximum pout power. Sexy!
4. MAC cremesheen glass in "partial to pink". This is my fave cremesheen. I have several of them but I have gone thru three of this which is saying a lot for someone who has too many glosses to count. This is a sheer cotton candy pink gloss. It's very soft and not sticky at all. The only con is it does not last long on the lips.

5. Soft "ballerina" pink nail polishes. I feel a recurring theme with the soft, sheer, cotton candy theme this month, but as a girly girl, I can't help myself. This month I have been love wearing soft sheer nudes and pinks on my nails mainly by Essie. I think this is one of Essie's best. Unfortunately a lot of people complain about the sheerness of some of the Essies's polishes, but I truly enjoy wearing a sheer "your nails but better" color every once in a while. Some of my faves this month have been Essie "ballet slippers", Essie "East Hampton Cottage" and Orly "Sweet Blush". Below is East Hampton Cottage.

6. For hair I have been loving using Shu Uemura fiber lift to give my roots a lift and the oil for my ends. Love both of these products very much. The oil below is pretty expensive at over $60 but it's absolutely gorgeous. It gives everything you would want an oil to give - shine, shimmer, softens, does not weigh's glamor in a bottle.

These are a few of my fave February favorites. What products stood out for you this month?
Hope you all have had an amazing day.

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