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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MAC Summer Stash Metallic Pigments from Surf Baby Collections

I love MAC pigments because I'm a huge lover of shimmery or metallic eyeshadows and both of the stacks that are part of the Surf Baby Collections are very metallic.
Swatched below from left to right the colors are: Pearl, Peachy, Pink and Old Wine.

Pearl is a pink white color that reminds me of Stila Kitten. Peachy is a peachy shimmery color similar to MAC melon. Pink is a cranberry color and it's similar to MAC's cranberry, and Old Wine is a brown with tons of silver shimmer, and it reminds me of MAC's mulch. Overall I love this stack as much as Surf the Ocean. Some of these colors like Peachy and Pearl can double up as face highlights for some skin tones. These aren't the most unique colors but they are gorgeous. If you enjoy metallic, natural and warm colors, this would be the perfect pigment to purchase.

Hope you all have had an amazing day.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Some products I'm loving at the moment....

It's been quite warm in the month of May so my makeup has been simple (simple for me anyways)....for the face I've only used a bit of MAC MSF natural all over the face. For my eyes, I love a highlight color half way thru the lid, followed by something soft in the outer V, a good black mascara for the lashes and a clear gloss for the lips. Below are some of the products I've been using quite a bit in May.
Here is a picture of me wearing these items although not sure how much you can see but the star of this picture is Rex anyway. How gorgeous is he?

For my eye makeup, two of the items I have loved this month is MAC's pigment in pearl which is a soft white pink color that came out with Surf, Baby collection. I put this half way thru my lid and in the tear duct and it really opens up the eyes. For the otter v, I love wearing Patina which is a very soft brown with gold shimmers. I also adore MAC pro lash mascara and it has features in my favourites before. This mascara doesn't get enough love in my opinion. It's super black, super separating, and it voluminizes without any clumps.

For my nails I'm loving Sparrow Me the Drama. I love this pink polish because it has a tinge of a lavender undertone. It makes me think of a darker version of Lucky Lucky Lavender. In fact any pink/lavender polish seems to be the polish of my choice when the weather warms up.
These are some of the products I'm loving at the moment and wanted to share them with you. What are some of the products you're loving at the moment?

Hope you all are having an amazing day.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

NOTD-OPI Skulls & Glossbones

I completely loved OPI's new The Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides collection so much so that I bought the entire collection (lowers head in shame..some people can't be helped). I was drawn to this collection because these colors are different from anything I already own and not easily dupeable in my opinion. They look quite unique to me. Skulls & Glossbones (I know...lovely name, right?) is a pale gray bluish color. I think this will look far better with a tan.
This looks amazing on the toes and it gives that fresh, clean and polish look. It's not too pale like a white polish but it has an opaque clean look to it. 
What do you think about this polish?
Hope you all are having an amazing weekend. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

MAC Surf the Ocean pigments swatches- Surf, Baby! Collection

As many of you know, I'm a sucker for the beach so when MAC comes out  with these summer collections, I am completely tempted and can never resist. I bought a few items from Surf, Baby! collection and will post more posts as I get to play with them more, but this I had to post immediately because Surf the Ocean  four stack pigments I think best represent this collection.

Between the aquamarine green and the gorgeous golden color, I think this is the perfect representation of what the beach, sun and summer are all about.

As for the swatches, from left to right we have Graphite which is a dark black with tons of silver shimmer, Bronze which is a golden bronze, Titanium which is a cool frosted platinum, and my favourite Aquamarine which is a stunning green with a tinge of yellow. I wore these today and they are very pigmented and I had no issue with fall out but I always use a base for any of my eyeshadows.

Have you picked this up yet?
Hope you all have had an amazing week.

Monday, May 23, 2011

OPI Stranger Tides from the Pirates of the Caribbean

OPI recently (recent to me but the collection has been out for at least three weeks) came out with a new collection of polishes called : The Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides collection.
I love The Pirates of the Caribbean installments..well mainly because Johnny Depp plays in them. Need I say more??
Today I'm wearing one of the colors in this collection called Stranger Tides.
I don't have anything like this color. It's a light green with a strong gray undertone. I really like it and I think this will be probably be on my toes for most of summer. I'm always drawn to these murky half way "in between colors" colors, so this was a must have for me. And it sort of reminds me of the beach and vacations. =)
Did you get any of the colors in this collection?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Le Metier De Beaute Corinthian versus MAC Satin Taupe

Le Metier De Beaute Corinthian is a stunning taupe color with a purple/silver undertone. I'm a taupe lover as I'm sure lots of you are. Taupe goes well on a wide range of skin tones which explains why load of people love Taupe eyeshadows so much. I was told by a Nordstrom sales associate that Corinthian is being discontinued so I thought to do a quick comparison with the Queen Bee of Taupes which for me is MAC Satin Taupe.

Corinthian to the left and Satin Taupe is to the right. 

Corinthian is a lot more vibrant and it has a lot more silver than Satin Taupe. It's just a stunning unique color and it has so much dimension that it shows different depending how the light hits the lid. However, Satin Taupe is amazing too and since Corinthian is hard to find and pretty expensive for an eyeshadow, Satin Taupe is still my favourite taupe color.

Are you a taupe lover and if so what's your fave taupe color?
Lots of love

Monday, May 16, 2011

Some products I'm loving right now

Hi everyone,
I didn't do my April faves this month but here is a list of products I'm currently loving....

Cream color basis as a wash of color on the lid...These are perfect for this time of the year when it's too warm for powder shadow but I still want to look polished and make an effort. The two I'm loving at the moment are Benefit samaba-dy loves me which is a gorgeous peachy coral color and Makeup For Ever Aqua Cream in the number 13 which is the perfect champagne color.

Also for the eyes, I'm loving Urban Decay liquid liner in honey ..stunning gorgeous golden bronzey color, perfect for just a touch of color, and Makeup for ever smokey lash which is by far one of the best mascaras I have ever tried. The cons for this mascara are the price and it dries out very quickly but the pros is that you get false lashes in a tube.
On the nails I'm loving OPI sweetheart for a manicure.. such a perfect milky pink coral that give a fabulous clean and soft look to the nails. On the toes I'm loving Essie California Coral...such a hot coral polish that screams spring and summer.

While on the manicure bit, I'm really loving Burt's Bees Almond Milk hand creme. It's extremely moisturizing on the hands and it smells divine. It smells just like almonds and sweet milk and it feels very nourishing.

These are some of the products I'm loving right now.
What are some of your fave products of the moment?
Hope you all have had a fabulous week.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

And my love for the coral red polishes continues...

The heat of the summer has me lusting over any hot coral or red polish. They look amazing in both hands and toes during this time of the year. Today I'm wearing OPI Red My Fortune Cookie which is a coral with a red undertone. Very warming to the skin. I love it.
This is in the same color family as OPI Cajun shrimp or Essie Lollipop. Just a gorgeous red/coral. The picture here shows more red than coral.
What do you think about this color?
Hope you all have had an amazing day.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In and outs number 6

Hi everyone,
hope you all have had a lovely week. Here are some of my current in and outs.
1. Finishing the full marathon. I am so happy to have done this and can't wait to run my next one. I ran the full Country Music Marathon 26.2 miles on Saturday April the 30th. And of course here is a picture of my medal...which I feel tempted to wear all week but do not fear...I didn't. :)

2. Laura Mercier secret camouflage. I love this concealer. It took me ages to try this because I thought it felt dry but it really isn't drying on the skin. It's not creamy like some of the Bobbie Brown ones but if you have combination or oily skin, then this would be perfect for you. It covers perfectly and long lasting. It looks natural. I adore.

3. Coral blushes. I just adore coral blushes. I have yellow undertones which means that anything coral/orange looks best on me. Some of the ones I have been obsessed with are Illamasqua in the color Expose, MAC peaches, MAC ripe peach and NARS Taj Mahal which I only got about a month ago and wish I had gotten sooner. I love how peach blushes warm up the skin and give that sexy, warm glow to the cheeks.

1. Urban Decay primer potion in greed. I hate to say this because Urban Decay is in my top 5 favorite brands but I'm so disappointed by this primer. It does all the good things that the other UD primer potions do but the color does not show. Theswatch below is deceiving and that's why I bought. I swatched it at Sephora and thought it was a gorgeous gold color but once you work it in the lid, the gold color disappears and it's just clear with gold shimmer. I would give it 5 out of 5 for performance but because it's suppose to have color, it disappoints greatly.

What are your ins and outs?

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