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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Top 10 favourite MAC blushes

Hi everyone,
Hope you all are having an amazing weekend. I love blush so I thought to make a post of my top favorite MAC blushes. These aren't my favorite blushes. These are just my favourite MAC blushes. These are in no particular order although I should say Melba and Well dressed and are my favorite blushes of all time.

1. MAC Melba. Melba is one of MAC's first blushes. At first MAC only made matte blushes and this is one of them. If I would recomand any color to try would be Melba. It looks like nothing special on the pan but on it's gorgeous. Melba is a soft peachy pink color. It gives you that warm, healthy sexy look. It completly warms up the face and gives that overall look of good health. I love this color. Melba is the reason I fell in love with blush. :)
2. Style is MAC's version of NARS orgasm. It's a coral blush laced with gold. Because this blush has so much gold running thru it, it gives that healthy glow to the cheeks.
3. Peachykeen is soft baby peach color. It has tons of pink shimmer laced thru it. This is a universal color and it goes well with any skin tone.
4. MAC Other Worldly from the moonbathe collection. It is a bronze color with a whole lot of gold shimmer running thru it.  When I put this on, I feel like I just came back from vacationing in an exotic island. :) It's a limmitted addition item that you can't get anymore, but MAC constantly make bronze blushes. Get Away Bronze from MAC's latest To the beach collection is very simmilar to this blush.
5. MAC Fab from the Barbie Collection. This is another limmited addition item but I love this color. It's a plum color full of gold glitter. The glitter though is so finally milled it melts in your skin. I do not like glitter on my face but this does not sit on your skin. It just gives a glow. It's very very sheer.
6. MAC Ladyblush blushcreme. This is a creme blush which I prefer to the powder blushes because they look more natural on. It's a cool pink with blue undertones. It's one of MAC's bestsellers.
7. MAC Pink Swoon. A lot of people have this blush and for good reason. It's a gorgeous hot blue pink.
8. MAC Tippy from the Hello Kitty Collection. It's a pink mixed with a bit of purple making the pefect hot pink blush. Very pigmented. A little goes a long way with this blush.
9. MAC Danity is a mineralize blush. It's a warm yellow pink. This is very sheer so this is for those days when you just want a simple natural look.
10. MAC well dresssed. This is a holy grail product for me. I have mentioned this product several times so I won't go in details but it's just a pink with whole lot of silver undertones.  It gives that babydoll look.

What are your favourite blush colors? Do you have any recommandations for me? I want to know even if they're not MAC. :)
Hope you all are having a great weekend.

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