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Sunday, October 23, 2011

MAC Morning Frost Paint Pot Swatch- Glitter and Ice collection

I love taupe and I love champagne colors...and I would say most of my eyeshadows loves are either taupe or champagne so MAC's new morning frost paint pot was a must have for me. I had to have's champagne taupe all in one. This is one of three new paint pot MAC came out with from the Glitter and Ice collection.
Swatches below (first with flash and second without)

Love it. What are you getting from this collection?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

NOTD-Opi mimosas for mr and mrs

Hello...everyone! I feel like it's been ages since I've posted anything (extremely busy at work) but I did go on a nail polish buying spree recently and absolutely love all of the polishes that I bought. The below is one of my latest purchases. Of course I can't get enough of the milky white polishes because they give that classy, clean look to the nails but yet look so effortless and go with anything. Opi Mimosas for Mr and Mrs is one of those colors. Isn't it gorgeous but so simple?
I love it. I read on makeup alley some complaints about streaking but I had no issues. I can say I have several of these type of milky white colors so I sort of know how to work them to look ok. The picture above is only two thin coats. I never wear more than two coats on any polish because I don't like a cakey look.  Also I think companies constantly reformulate their products and this could have been reformulated.  
Hope everyone is enjoying fall and having a lovely weekend.
Lots of love

Friday, September 9, 2011

MAC Genuine Treasure Paint Pot swatch from the Posh Paradise Collection

The Posh Paradise collection came out a week early in my local MAC pro so I had to go and check out the paint pots of course! This caught my eyes's a khaki bronze shimmery color packed with golden shimmer.
Here is the swatch:
The pros for me is that it's a gorgeous color and I love shimmer so I love this, but the cons are that this a little bit liquidy making it hard to pack color. The color almost doesn't distribute evenly when you swatch it. It looks gorgeous on the lids though.
What are you getting from this collection?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Some of my all time fave products

I haven't been doing many monthly favorites lately, and in fact I haven't been posting much lately which I'm sad about but I've been extremely busy. So I thought to put together some of my all time favorite products in a quick post (which turned out to be really long)
Starting with eyes:
1. I completely adore Urban Decay Eyeshadows. I am not specifically mentioning any fave UD eyesahdows but I love every one that I have. They are pigmented, they are a dream to apply and the colors are gorgeous. What's not to love?

2. Mascara. This changes all the time because I constantly try different mascaras. I love to play up my eyes and would never leave the house without mascara but two that I have been loving lately are MAC's "False Lashes" mascara that truly gives that full volume look but keeps the lashes soft and natural feeling and Benefit "They Are Real" mascara that has an amazing wand that catches every lash for that sexy doll eye look.
3. I don't wear foundation and haven't in about two years with maybe an exception here and there. I love mineral powders but I just discovered Boscia BB cream and this is one of those must have items for me. I need to educate myself more on the BB creams but all I can say is that this is light coverage but gorgeous finish. The BB cream itself is "a do it all" product and it hydrates, firms, soothes the skin, diminishes the appearance of pores, fine lines, and unevan skin. Yes PLEASE!!!

4. I haven't been wearing lipstick much lately but some of my all time favorite products that I always love and always come back to are the Bare Escentuals Buxom lipgloss. Not only do they came in a verity of gorgeous colors, but they don't have the chemicals that many lip glosses do. Given that these go straight on the lips, I feel great putting on something more natural. I have several of these, but Amber (pic below) is one of my favorites.
5. Boscia Skin Care like. I love Boscia. It's a Japanese skincare line and I'm convinced that when it comes to skincare the Oriental ones are leaps and bounds ahead of us. Bosica is free of those pesky petrochemicals, sulfates, perservaties etc etc....two of my fave products are the Lumiziaing Black Mask and the Clear Complexion Mask.
These are some of my all time faveorite products most of which I would and have repurches and wouldn't be cought without.
Thank you for reading and hope you're having a great day!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

MAC Stunner blush from MAC Me Over Collection

As many pink blushes as I have, I'm always in the look out for a special pink and MAC'S Stunner blush is one of these pink blushes that is a must have in my opinion. It's like MAC's well dressed blush in the likes that's its a soft pink with a shimmer quality that instantly warms up your complexion but also highlights at the same time. It gives the skin that gorgeous glow within.

I adore this pink. It's very radiant and gorgeous.
What did you get from this collection?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Craving a bit of Autumn

Does anyone else gets excited about the begging of a new season? Autumn is a month away but I always start craving it at the end of August...I love Autumn.. the color of leaves, the crisp air and of course the dark luscious nails. Today being in a very autumn mood, the polish of the choice was Butter London La Moss. This is a very rich cranberry dark color. It's extremely gorgeous on and very close to Chanel Vamp which is one of my all time fave nail polishes.
The rest of the day will be spend finishing up "4 Blondes" and enjoying a cup of Oolong tea. I love this book by the way. This is my second time reading it I've enjoyed it so much.

Hope you all have had an amazing week.

Monday, August 1, 2011

NOTD -OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy

I have had this color for ages but always felt that it washes me out a bit so I had casted it aside. Since I have gotten a bit tanned this summer, I decided to give this a second chance. I truly love this color with a tan. It feels very summery. It's a tangerine meets melon type of color and the name is adorable.
What do you think about this color?
Hope you all have had a wonderful day.

Monday, July 25, 2011

NOTD-Orly Confetti

I completely adore this color. It's your "nails but better" type of  color. It's a sheer, white, pinkish color.

I used this when I first got it but I didn't love it as much as I do now. I think the trick is that my nails are a bit longer than usual. My nails grow extremely fast and I basically file them down every night to keep the short but lately, I haven't filed them as often. I really think this color looks best with longer nails and I bet this would look amazing with a french manicure. Orly does these type of sheer colors really well in my opinion. Also as a side note, my top coat is Essie Super Duper top coat (that's really the name!) and I love the shine that it gives. I'm almost out of it but I'm sure it'll make it on one my top fave posts because it truly is amazing.
What do you think about this color?
Hope you all have a lovely day.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chanel Topkapi swatches

Ahh...this was love at first sight. Gorgeous naturals with the perfect shimmer light reflecting colors. I have never been impressed by any of the Chanel quads before but this is truly a star. I'm a die hard lover of shimmery shadows so this right up my alley!

The colors aren't super unique, but the texture is amazing, they lasting power is great and the pigmentation is superb. My favourite color is the gray taupe (second to the right) which is a very light taupe and gorgeous all by itself.

Did  you pick up this quad?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

NOTD-Opi Steady As She Rose

I did dearly loved OPI's Pirates of the Caribbean collection and I think Steady As She Rose is probably my favorite of the entire collection. It's a nude but what sets this apart from the other nudes that I have is that it has a slight light lavender undertone. Most all the other nudes that I own have either a white or pink undertone. This is in the nude family but yet in the "dirty" gray/lavender family as well. Love...
What do you think about this color?
Happy Sunday everyone!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

MAC Semi Precious collection- Mineral Mode and Golden Gaze review

MAC comes out with these mineralized collections every year and I actually really do love some of the mineralized blushes that I have from way back then collection but don't really feel quite as much love for the eyeshadows. For some reason the beauty that these babies show in the pot just does not translate in the eyes.
Here are two that I recently bought:
1. Mineral Mode which is a soft champagne color. The color here will vary depending on how much veining you get but mine came with very little so it comes off as a soft champagne white.
2. Golden Gaze which is a dark golden black color which I actually really do like.
I do like these colors and I actually did buy quite a few more from this collection. As MAC put it in their site these are "Baked minerals refined into a powder formula provide exceptionally sheer and lightweight application" so they are meant to be sort of sheer. I do like them but they are not $20 great. I prefer their regular shadows any day to these. If you're on a budget, I say skip these shadows.
Are you planning on buying anything from this collection?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June Faves

I'm a bit late on this but here are my June faves...I have been all about corals and pinks lately...blame it on the hot summer weather so these are some of the things I have loved this month.
1. MAC Firecracker eyeshadow is a half way pink, red, coral, orange shadow...yes it's all of that and some! It's got a gorgeous sheen and it looks stunning on with tons and tons of mascara. I know a lot of people wouldn't wear these type of color for an eyeshadow but this looks gorgeous on especially if you have blue eyes. This came out with the To the Beach Collection but I'm sure loads of CCO's have it.

 2. MAC Stereo Rose MSF which I use as a blush is also one of my all time favorite products. I won't say much about this product because this has been talked about a whole lot (well deserved INHO) but I love this golden coral coral all over the cheeks for that summer glow.
3. MAC dazzleglass in sugerrimmed and baby sparks. I have a love/hate relationship with dazzleglasses...hate the stickiness but love the colors, sparkles and the longevity which unfortunately comes with the stickiness. These two are my all time favorites and the reason I use these more on summer time than winter is that my hair is always up during this time of the year and hence no risk of hair getting stuck in your lipgloss incidents.
4. The last item is Makeup For Ever full coverage concealer. I didn't take a close up picture of it because how boring would that be? It's hot and I can't imagine putting on foundation right now and this is perfect for those spots you want to conceal and it's water proof. This baby stays on for a long time.

What are your favorite June products?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Essie Absolutely Shore

I'll start by saying that I'm not into the minty polishes...they are gorgeous to look at but I do not like them on my nails. Absolutely Shore by Essie is probably the lightest or softest mint polish I have seen and it makes me think of summer and the beach so I had to buy this as soon as it came out. Weeks later, I decided to try this on. I do love it for a pedicure because its so light, that it looks clean and fresh and it's not too bad on the finger nails either. It's not my favorite, but it's a nice change I suppose.
How do you feel about mint color polishes?
Have a great weekend everyone.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Butter London Teddy Girl

Teddy girl is like OPI's mod about you "sophisticated cousin". It's the same bold light milky pink but whereas Mod About You is a bit streaky and requires patience (regardless of how many coats), Teddy Girl applies much nicer. Teddy girl's requires two coats because the first coat will be a bit streaky (very common with these type of white pink colors) but the second coat makes it go completely opaque.

It's definitely a cool pink. It's striking on so much so that the entire week I had it on, not one day went by without getting a compliment on my polish. I'm not sure if the picture above makes it justice because the lighting was off when I took this but I highly recommend this color. It's perfect for all the pink lovers like myself.
Hope you all have had an amazing week.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

MACs Sparkle Neely, Sparkle! Swatch from Blogger's Obsessions

Sparkle Neely, Sparkle! is a gorgeous warm walnut brown with tons and tons of gold glitter running thru it. When I first swatched this today I thought I died and went to heaven! That's how gorgeous this eyeshadow is.
I'm such a natural lover, that I can't resist any warm colors especially when they come with gold in them. I typically stay way from glitter especially with Urban Decay shadows but I do not ever have any fall out issues with any of the MAC shadows (even the lusters that everyone complains about). This is extremely pigmented as well.
I believe this is sold out online only and it was created by a blogger. I love this color and will be getting a back up.
Hope you all have had a lovely week.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Butter London Yummy Mummy

You guys know that I love murky colored polishes and yummy mummy falls in that category. It is a "dirty" mushroom meet purple color. This is a lighter version of one of my all time favorite polishes which is Metro Chic by Sephora by OPI.
This is my first Butter London polish purchase but my experience with this polish was amazing. This applies like a dream. The texture of this polish is thin yet opaque. I find that polishes are either opaque but quite thick and you must be careful when applying them, or thin and runny and need several coats to show up. This is the best of both worlds. One coat, and it went opaque and it was so thin it applied like a dream. No gluppiness or streakness. These are expensive at $14 per polish (which is why I shied away from them for so long) but totally worth it. Also they are 3 free which is too me is very important. I have a huge list of other butter London polishes I want to try.
What are some of your favorite "murky polishes"?
Hope you all have had an amazing weekend.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill 9 Rock Sand

If you're a champagne eyeshadow lover like me, then you must have this eyeshadow. Giorgio Armani Rock Sand is a half way in between a cream and a powder shadow with a gorgeous sparkling personality.

This is very similar to MAC Grand Entrance eyeshadow which was limited edition. It's a gorgeous champagne color with a pink undertone. For those of you who loved the idea behind MAC's cham pale collection and the sparkling, shimmering paint pots but hated the glitter that came with those paint pots then this would be the perfect substitute. These do not crease and are perfect on their own or with shadows on top.

What are some of your favorite champagne eyeshadows?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

MAC Fleur Power Blush

I'm so addicted to MAC's Fleur Power blush at the moment, I had to post about it quickly. I love pink blushes but what makes this blush more unique than other pinks is that Fleur Power has a warm, hot coral undertone that makes it universally flattering on any skintone. It immediately warms up your face and gives that perfect, out for a walk in the beach flush to the cheeks.
The first picture below is sheered out but you can really see the coral undertone in the second picture.

Fleur Power blush is a satin finish and it has no shimmer or glow to it. It's an extremely pigmented blush and you need very little to give color and life to your cheeks. This is such a gorgeous and lovely color. I'm loving it at the moment. For all of your who love pink but also love coral which is so in at the moment, this is the perfect in between color.
Do you have this blush?
Hope you all are having an amazing weekend

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Taupe eyeshadows!

I'm one of those girls that when they like a shirt they get it in every possible color and when I like a color I get it in every brand...I'm sure some of you can relate.
Taupe eyeshadows is one of those colors that I buy in whatever brand and can never get enough of! Here are some of my favourites: Bobbie Brown Heather Mauve, Chanel Safari, Nars Corfu, MAC Satin Taupe, Le Metier De Beaute in Corinthian and Urban Decay in Sidecar.

 Bobbie Brown Heather Mauve is a gorgeous taupe with tons of silver shimmer. I love taupes that have a good quantity of silver in it.
Chanel Safari is the least pigmented of these so this for those that like a soft taupe color

 Le Metier De Beaute in Corinthian is extremely pigmented and it has more purple then silver.
 NARS corfu is a cream color shadow from NARS. I can only use this if I use NARS's primer, otherwise this creases. It's a gorgeous color
 MAC satin taupe is one of my faves. It's texture is soft as butter and it is extremely wearable.
Urban Decay Sidecar is very shimmery and it's a bit softer than most taupes but highly pigmented.

I feel like I'm leaving out one or two other taupes that I may have in my collection but I think I value these the most.
Do you love Taupe shadows?
Hope you all have had an amazing week.

Friday, June 3, 2011


Both MAC painterly and MAC soft ochre paint pots are non shimmery, natural eyeshadow basis. These are both great under eyeshadow because they are so natural, they do not change the color of the eyeshadow. They keep eyeshadow from creasing and are long lasting. They are also great to put on even without eyeshadow to get a clean look to the eyelid and cancel out any discoloration.
Painterly on the right, and Soft Ochre on the left
In MAC foundation terms painterly is an NW because it has pink undertones and Soft Ochre is an NC because it has yellow undertones. However I find that I can wear them both even though I'm usually an NC with MAC. MAC's paint pots are some of MAC's best products. I really wish they would come up with some new PERMANENT ones.

Do you have these?
Hope you all are having an amazing day.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Inglot eyeshadow swatches

I'm clearly very late on the Inglot bandwagon but I decided it was time to try them out and decided to start out with my favorite item for any cosmetic line and that is eyeshadow. I got Pearl 454, Pearl 397 and DS 461 which are swatched below in that order.

Clearly the colors are picked are very wearable and natural because that's what I reach for most. Pearl 454 is a gunmetal gray. Pearl 397 is a gorgeous pink very similar to Stila Kitten and DS461 is a soft brown with tons of gold shimmer.
My early review about these is that they are very smooth and buttery in texture similar to Urban Decay eyeshadows, and they swatch very pretty. However, they sort of fizzle on the lid. I didn't get the same vibrancy on the lid and I tried them with both a shimmery and a matte eyeshadow base. I'm extremely picky when it comes to eyeshadow. I try a lot of eyeshadow but find that MAC and Urban Decay are my two brands of choice and the rest seem to just collect dust in my makeup collection. I'll give these a few tries and give a proper review later on.

Do you own any Inglot eyeshadows?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MAC Summer Stash Metallic Pigments from Surf Baby Collections

I love MAC pigments because I'm a huge lover of shimmery or metallic eyeshadows and both of the stacks that are part of the Surf Baby Collections are very metallic.
Swatched below from left to right the colors are: Pearl, Peachy, Pink and Old Wine.

Pearl is a pink white color that reminds me of Stila Kitten. Peachy is a peachy shimmery color similar to MAC melon. Pink is a cranberry color and it's similar to MAC's cranberry, and Old Wine is a brown with tons of silver shimmer, and it reminds me of MAC's mulch. Overall I love this stack as much as Surf the Ocean. Some of these colors like Peachy and Pearl can double up as face highlights for some skin tones. These aren't the most unique colors but they are gorgeous. If you enjoy metallic, natural and warm colors, this would be the perfect pigment to purchase.

Hope you all have had an amazing day.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Some products I'm loving at the moment....

It's been quite warm in the month of May so my makeup has been simple (simple for me anyways)....for the face I've only used a bit of MAC MSF natural all over the face. For my eyes, I love a highlight color half way thru the lid, followed by something soft in the outer V, a good black mascara for the lashes and a clear gloss for the lips. Below are some of the products I've been using quite a bit in May.
Here is a picture of me wearing these items although not sure how much you can see but the star of this picture is Rex anyway. How gorgeous is he?

For my eye makeup, two of the items I have loved this month is MAC's pigment in pearl which is a soft white pink color that came out with Surf, Baby collection. I put this half way thru my lid and in the tear duct and it really opens up the eyes. For the otter v, I love wearing Patina which is a very soft brown with gold shimmers. I also adore MAC pro lash mascara and it has features in my favourites before. This mascara doesn't get enough love in my opinion. It's super black, super separating, and it voluminizes without any clumps.

For my nails I'm loving Sparrow Me the Drama. I love this pink polish because it has a tinge of a lavender undertone. It makes me think of a darker version of Lucky Lucky Lavender. In fact any pink/lavender polish seems to be the polish of my choice when the weather warms up.
These are some of the products I'm loving at the moment and wanted to share them with you. What are some of the products you're loving at the moment?

Hope you all are having an amazing day.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

NOTD-OPI Skulls & Glossbones

I completely loved OPI's new The Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides collection so much so that I bought the entire collection (lowers head in shame..some people can't be helped). I was drawn to this collection because these colors are different from anything I already own and not easily dupeable in my opinion. They look quite unique to me. Skulls & Glossbones (I know...lovely name, right?) is a pale gray bluish color. I think this will look far better with a tan.
This looks amazing on the toes and it gives that fresh, clean and polish look. It's not too pale like a white polish but it has an opaque clean look to it. 
What do you think about this polish?
Hope you all are having an amazing weekend. 

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