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Sunday, January 2, 2011

MAC chilled on ice versus MAC bare study paint pot

I recently got a few items from MAC's cham pale collection including Chilled on ice paint pot. Chilled on ice is a champagne pink with tons and tons of glitter. The camera is not going to pick up the glitter but it has a good quantity of gold glitter in it.
I love paint pots or eyeshadow basis on general. I love how they keep the shadow on for longer and if you go for colored primers such as paint pots, a few Urban Decay primer potions, benefit liner/cream shadows etc, you can really increase the vibrancy of the shadows. I was really excited to get my hands on chilled on ice. Overall I like it. It has tons of glitter which I'm usually not a fan of but this doesn't have much fall out and truly makes any eyeshadow much more vibrant. In color it's very similar to MAC's permanent paint pot in Bare Study. Bare Study is to the left and Chilled On Ice is to the right.

The color of these two is very similar. They are both a soft champagne color and even the swatch doesn't look very different. Applied on the lid though, Bare study is more fluid like and easier to apply. Chilled on ice's glitter makes it a bit more difficult to work with. In my opinion if you have Bare Study, skip chilled on ice.
Did you or do you plan to get anything from the Cham Pale collection?
Hope you all have had a lovely day.

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