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Thursday, January 27, 2011

My commitment to beauty

I have been so busy lately and have decided to take a day or at least afternoon to pamper myself. Wednesday night has been my "beauty night" and here are some of the things I have done as part of my commitment to beauty this year:

1. Exfoliate. I exfoliate daily with my clarasonic but once a week I use a stronger exflolator and it is eather Origins Brighter By Nature pads or Dermalogica gentle exfloliator. Either one of these can be used twice a week but I find that to be way too harsh for my skin so I only use them once a week. After a good exfloation treatment, I use Mega Mashroom Skin Calming Face Mask to calm the skin and put some moisture back. I first sow this mask in Lisa Eldrige's skincare video and was surprised I didn't have it since I had all the rest of Dr. Weils for Origins line. I bought it then and love it. It is perfect to calm irritated skin.

2. A hair conditioning/mask. My hair is colored and very very long. I keep it healthy by using a mask at least once a week Here are some of my favourite hair masks. Aveda Dry Remedy Hair Mask is the star here. If I had to purchase only one going forward, this would be it.
3. Polish my nails. I only change my polish once a week. I use Stickey base coat and Orly glosser and my polish last chip free for a week but once a week I have committed to change my polish. After all I have to use up 5 bottles pretty quickly as part of 2011 polish out.
This has basically been my Wednesday night beauty ritual. It's snowed tongith (again). It has snowed way too much here this year. I tried to take a picture with my pup but he wouldn't have it. He was far more intersted in doing this.....(NOTE TO SELF: Do not use Coralista and pet the dog. It smells too much like food)

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