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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nailpolish out 2011

Hello everyone, of my obsessions. I have tons and tons of polishes along with base coats and top coats...this is just a little picture of a "few" of my polishes.

I love polish and find it a great way to dress up an outfit. I love how I can wear the brightest pink to get in a spring or summer mood, a fire red to get in a Christmas or holiday mood or dark polish to celebrate fall. But because I have so much polish I very rarely use up a bottle. This year I'm going to set a goal to use up at least 10 bottles of polishes or bottom/top coat with the next few months. I have picked 10 bottles to finish up. 5 of these polishes I would repurchase and value and 5 I would not and I simply need to use up.
The 5 I would repurchase because I love so much are:
1. OPI Metro Chic. This is a gorgeous purple/muddy color and it's very unique. I get loads of compliments when wearing this color. Although its more of a fall color, I use this all year around.
2. OPI mod about you. This is another color I love and will keep buying over and over again. It's a very pretty bubble gum pink with a slight lavender undertone. I know loads of people complain about how this applies. I put two very thin coats and get perfect opaque color.

3. OPI  You don't know Jacques! This is also another one of those muddy colors. It's a gray color but with a dark brown undertone. I love this especially during fall
4. Sephora by OPI "I'm with  Brad" This is a dark burgundy. It's gorgeous during the holidays and beautiful on sunshine when the burgundy color really shows.
5. OPI coney island cotton candy. This is a sheer off white with a soft peach undertone. I did not like this for the longest because I did not know how to apply it. It kept applying sheer and strikey. But with some patience and two very thin coats, this gives a perfect clean natural look.
Here are the 5 I'm going to use up and not repurchase.
1. OPI natural nail base coat. There is nothing wrong with this base coat, but I would much rather keep using creative nail design stickey coat. I think Stickey keeps my polish on longer. I have them both and really there is no need for two base coat. Will finish this and not repurchase.
2. OPI top coat. This does nothing...not expectational shine or no chip qualities to this. I'll stick with Orly glosser for a glossy shine (I have it on on the You don't know Jacques! picture above and it really gives a gorgeous shine to the nails). Can not find this at the moment so no pic of this but it's just a top coat.
3. Maybelline colorama polish. This is a pink sheer polish with tons of shimmer. It's too sheer and I wouldn't repurchase. This is small though so I hope to use this up quickly.
4. Sally Hanson pure putty. This is a soft lilac putty polish. This only works for me certain times of the year depending on my tan. Not special enough to repurchase.
5. Sally Hanson Vanilla whimsy. This is very similar to OPI coney island cotton candy but I prefer OPI just a little better.

My goal is to use up these 10 in the next few months and clear up some space. I'm also going to "try" and put myself in a polish ban but will allow myself to buy just 10 polishes this year. If I use up more I may change that number.
Are you putting yourself on any "product" bans this year?
Hope you all are doing amazing.

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