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Saturday, August 21, 2010

My favourite nude lipsticks.

Hi lovelies,
I don't know about you, but I love a nude lip. If done right and match the skintone, the nude lipstick can help tone down a smokey eye, make lips appear larger, and have a more put together look.
Here are some of my must have nude lips.
MAC Myth, MAC Creme d'Nude, and MAC fleshpot. MAC myth is a nude with a peachy beige undertone. MAC creme d'nude has a bit more beige than myth but since it's a cremesheen it's very soft and easy to apply and the most easy to use out of these three nudes. MAC fleshpot is a pro item only and it's a nude with a pink undertone. Most people complain that this is hard to wear. I use a lip balm under most nudes because this softens the color and it's not as harsh or chalky.

MAC creme d'nude.


Revlon Soft Nude. This is my favourite drugstore lipstick. It has more color than MAC myth, creme d'nude or fleshpot. It has a very pretty peach undertone. While most people have to work with a nude lipstick to make it work for them, this is so simple to use and foolproof. It has enough color so it will not wash out someone's complexion.


NYX summer love. This is a close dupe for MAC's creme d'nude. It has a very soft peachy/beige undertone. The texture of this lipstick is soft as butter as are MAC cremesheens so it melts very easily as I'm sure you can see by this picture.

MAC hug me. This is a more pigmented nude type of color. It's a soft brown with a mauve undertone. This is really pretty on darker skintones. I love this color though even when I'm pale. I highly recommend this color if you're looking for a "professional" type of lipstick. This will totally make you look pretty and put together.
MAC "style it up" from the Barbie limited edition collection. This is a more pigmented version of MAC flashpot. It's a soft nude with a pink undertone and it has a lot of sheen to it. I really wish MAC would bring this back.

I love nude lipsticks. I know a lot of people have a hard time applying nude lipsticks, but it helps to have a lip balm or lip primer under the lipstick to soften the color and make it less chalky. It also helps to just tab on the ones that are light or difficult to work with and then just use a brush or your fingers (after sanitizing your hands) to spread it thru your lips. This really helps in getting the nude natural lip without the "concealer" look.
What are your favourite nudes? I know I want to get my hands Gosh Darling which does not sell in the US but what other recommendations do you have?
Hope you all are having a lovely weekend.

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