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Monday, July 25, 2011

NOTD-Orly Confetti

I completely adore this color. It's your "nails but better" type of  color. It's a sheer, white, pinkish color.

I used this when I first got it but I didn't love it as much as I do now. I think the trick is that my nails are a bit longer than usual. My nails grow extremely fast and I basically file them down every night to keep the short but lately, I haven't filed them as often. I really think this color looks best with longer nails and I bet this would look amazing with a french manicure. Orly does these type of sheer colors really well in my opinion. Also as a side note, my top coat is Essie Super Duper top coat (that's really the name!) and I love the shine that it gives. I'm almost out of it but I'm sure it'll make it on one my top fave posts because it truly is amazing.
What do you think about this color?
Hope you all have a lovely day.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chanel Topkapi swatches

Ahh...this was love at first sight. Gorgeous naturals with the perfect shimmer light reflecting colors. I have never been impressed by any of the Chanel quads before but this is truly a star. I'm a die hard lover of shimmery shadows so this right up my alley!

The colors aren't super unique, but the texture is amazing, they lasting power is great and the pigmentation is superb. My favourite color is the gray taupe (second to the right) which is a very light taupe and gorgeous all by itself.

Did  you pick up this quad?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

NOTD-Opi Steady As She Rose

I did dearly loved OPI's Pirates of the Caribbean collection and I think Steady As She Rose is probably my favorite of the entire collection. It's a nude but what sets this apart from the other nudes that I have is that it has a slight light lavender undertone. Most all the other nudes that I own have either a white or pink undertone. This is in the nude family but yet in the "dirty" gray/lavender family as well. Love...
What do you think about this color?
Happy Sunday everyone!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

MAC Semi Precious collection- Mineral Mode and Golden Gaze review

MAC comes out with these mineralized collections every year and I actually really do love some of the mineralized blushes that I have from way back then collection but don't really feel quite as much love for the eyeshadows. For some reason the beauty that these babies show in the pot just does not translate in the eyes.
Here are two that I recently bought:
1. Mineral Mode which is a soft champagne color. The color here will vary depending on how much veining you get but mine came with very little so it comes off as a soft champagne white.
2. Golden Gaze which is a dark golden black color which I actually really do like.
I do like these colors and I actually did buy quite a few more from this collection. As MAC put it in their site these are "Baked minerals refined into a powder formula provide exceptionally sheer and lightweight application" so they are meant to be sort of sheer. I do like them but they are not $20 great. I prefer their regular shadows any day to these. If you're on a budget, I say skip these shadows.
Are you planning on buying anything from this collection?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June Faves

I'm a bit late on this but here are my June faves...I have been all about corals and pinks lately...blame it on the hot summer weather so these are some of the things I have loved this month.
1. MAC Firecracker eyeshadow is a half way pink, red, coral, orange shadow...yes it's all of that and some! It's got a gorgeous sheen and it looks stunning on with tons and tons of mascara. I know a lot of people wouldn't wear these type of color for an eyeshadow but this looks gorgeous on especially if you have blue eyes. This came out with the To the Beach Collection but I'm sure loads of CCO's have it.

 2. MAC Stereo Rose MSF which I use as a blush is also one of my all time favorite products. I won't say much about this product because this has been talked about a whole lot (well deserved INHO) but I love this golden coral coral all over the cheeks for that summer glow.
3. MAC dazzleglass in sugerrimmed and baby sparks. I have a love/hate relationship with dazzleglasses...hate the stickiness but love the colors, sparkles and the longevity which unfortunately comes with the stickiness. These two are my all time favorites and the reason I use these more on summer time than winter is that my hair is always up during this time of the year and hence no risk of hair getting stuck in your lipgloss incidents.
4. The last item is Makeup For Ever full coverage concealer. I didn't take a close up picture of it because how boring would that be? It's hot and I can't imagine putting on foundation right now and this is perfect for those spots you want to conceal and it's water proof. This baby stays on for a long time.

What are your favorite June products?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Essie Absolutely Shore

I'll start by saying that I'm not into the minty polishes...they are gorgeous to look at but I do not like them on my nails. Absolutely Shore by Essie is probably the lightest or softest mint polish I have seen and it makes me think of summer and the beach so I had to buy this as soon as it came out. Weeks later, I decided to try this on. I do love it for a pedicure because its so light, that it looks clean and fresh and it's not too bad on the finger nails either. It's not my favorite, but it's a nice change I suppose.
How do you feel about mint color polishes?
Have a great weekend everyone.

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