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Sunday, August 8, 2010

MAC desert rose and a suprise

Hello lovelies,
I received the most amazing gift yesterday in the mail and a very nice surprise. One of the girls I follow here on blogger, Laura at posted last week that she had MAC's desert rose blush but didn't want and it was up for grabs. I have been eyeing this blush for a while so I answered first and she send it to me. It got here extremely fast considering she is in UK and I'm in US. She also included an extra item in the package that really made me smile...I love it. I was very touched by her generosity and it made me realize that blogging isn't just about expressing thoughts and opinions on  makeup, clothes, travels, etc.  It's also about connecting with like minded individuals and making friends. Please check out her blog and follow her if you haven't already.
Here is a swatch of MAC's Desert Rose:

I absolutely love this blush. I put it on yesterday as soon as I got it and I really love it. I would describe this as in between a red and a burgundy. It's a very soft burnt red color. It works very well with my skin tone.  This is the type of color that warms up your face the moment you put it on and it gives that overall look of a happy/healthy face. It's a matte finish which is my fave type of MAC blush finish. It stays on really well. The swatch in my hand for this picture had to be taken off with MAC wipes. I like that because I don't have to worry about retouching my make up through out the day.
Laura also included the most beautiful card and a very beautiful necklace, which I also put on as soon as I got it (I was very excited...can you tell?). The necklace is 16 inch (my fave length) and it features a cute little owl.

I have already thanked Laura but thank you again Laura. Have you tried MAC Desert Rose? What have you done lately to make someone's day?

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