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Thursday, August 19, 2010

In and Outs Number 2

Hi lovelies,
It's time to do a quick in and outs post mainly because I have so many ins I want to share with you.
1. Getting pampered. I haven't been tempted by any cosmetics lately and instead I have used my money to get a few pampering treatments. I got a message, a pedicure, and a facial and I must say it's so nice to get pampered every once in a while. The facial was amazing. I got a clearing/steaming facials and my skin is glowing. Every time I actually get a facial, I always think I should do this more often, but then MAC releases a new limited edition and there goes my money.
2. Relaxing. I am taking a week off work to go to Amelia island, Florida and am so excited. I work in a corporate office of 800 plus people, so it's very fast paced and busy. I am looking forward to having a week of to relax and enjoy the beach. Fingers crossed the weather holds up.
3. Essie Van D'go. I love this color. It's the perfect peach color and much more pigmented then OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy which is too sheer for me and will probably list it on another blog sale. Van D'go is such a sweet and girly color. This will be the polish I'll be wearing on my vacation and the one I'll carry with me.

4. Red polish. On another note, I have always loved red polish. There is something sultry, classy and very sexy about a red polish and lately I have been sporting red nails and absolutely loving it. One of my favourites at the moment is China Glaze China Rouge which is a true stark red. It is perfect for pedicures especially.

5. Teavana tea. I love tea in general, Teavana has some of the greatest teas ever. I'm obsessed with their Apricot Caramel Torte Green tea which is like dessert in a cup. It's so delicious, decadent and reach but yet guilt free and very good for the body. Absolutely delic

1. Not being able to upload pictures all afternoon yesterday. I was trying to post a nude lipsticks post, but was unable to upload anything in my blog yesterday. It started working late last night though, so all is good in the end.

Thank you all for reading and hope you all are having a great day.

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