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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NOTD - ORLY Sweet blush

Orly is a brand that I do not own any of their polishes. I have their top coat (glosser and in a snap) and several of their French Manicure kits but none of their actual colored polishes. While reading Kardashian Konfidential (I know I'm really educating myself, aren't I) I read that Kim's fave polish at the moment was Orly confetti. Off to Sally's I go to purchase this color. It's pink, it's pretty...I must have it! Sally's didn't have it (it's a limited edition color) so I walked off with another one of Orly's french manicure polishes in the color Sweet Blush. I didn't do a french as my nails are very short at the moment because I've been sporting dark colors but I love how it turned out on it's own. It's an off white pink color that gives that pretty clean look and goes with everything! This will replace OPI bubble bath for me because OPI has reformulated bubble bath (I have both the old and new formula) and the new formula is too sheer. I only have two coats of Orly sweet blush in this picture but it could take three coats.
Overall I love it. It's very pretty and feminine. I'll be looking into buying more Orly. Let me know if you have any suggestions or what your fave polish is at the moment.

Hope you all have had an amazing week.

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