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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Current Product In and outs

I have a couple of recent product love/misses and thought an in and out is in order.

1. MAC paints. I adore these! I love cream shadows because they are easy to apply, wear good on their own but also make powder shadow "pop". I don't read much about the MAC paints but these are truly exceptional. They offer a lot of color but never crinkle or crease. They last all day and are gorgeous on. My favourite of all time and one I would recommend for everyone to try is Stilife. This is a gorgeous champagne lilac color. It's very similar to Urban Decay sin but much better in consistency. It's more pigmented and I find that sometimes if I want to wear the UD on its own and I start packing on the color it crinkles a little. This does not. I try to recommend this to everyone in my life. It's a lighter version of my favourite eyeshadow MAC sable. Below is a swatch of Bamboom to the left and Stilife to the right. These are so creamy in texture but yet dry so nicely, are very pigmented and just gorgeous on.
2. Orange/Coral Blushes. I love Laura Mercier blushes and this specific one "Lush Nectarine" is just lush! This looks like a scary orange but on it applies so beautiful and it sheers out to a gorgeous coral. It warms up the cheeks nicely. One thing about Laura Mercier blushes is that they are so creamy in texture and they melt into the skin. They do not sit on top of the cheeks like some other blushes. Love them all but am really enjoying corals at the moment.
3. Origins Mega Mushroom serum. I have been exfoliating my skin a lot lately and my skin was in dire need of TLC. This is perfect to nourish the skin and reduce sensitivity. It's recommended for people with rosecea which I do not have but this feels like such a nice treatment after a good exfoliation. The top cap in the picture looks a bit gross (Sorry!) but that's the product. The color of this product is green. This is lovely.

1. This is a big out! NARS discontinued their Mounia blush and I didn't get a chance to buy it! I have wanted Mounia for a long time but kept putting it off as I thought this is a product I could get anytime! This Christmas I asked for it but it was unavialble online. I thought it was sold out due to the holidays but NARS was in the process of discontinuing it. Sephora never carried this color and I have no NARS counters around me. Very disappointed that I will not get to try out this color but hopefully I'll find something similar in another brand.

What are your in and outs?

Hope you all are doing well.

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