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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Benefit Bella Bamba

I'm a sucker for blush! Can all of your relate? As soon as I heard Benefit had a new blush I trotted to Sephora and got my hands on it. It's their newest color and it's a gorgeous watermelon pink laced with gold shimmer. Gorgeous!
I love this on. It gives that perfect sexy flush to the cheeks. The package -I'm not a fan of. It's smaller in quantity than the regular. The size of it is 0.28 oz vs Coralista's size at Size: 0.42 oz and the top is actually glued to the box and has a mirror which is sort of a awkward design. I actually was a fun of their packaging previous to this. The color is gorgeous though.
Overall I love this and I think Benefit did really great. I really enjoy their face products and haven't gotten any of them that I wouldn't recommend.
What are your favourite Benefit blushes?
Hope you all have had a lovely week.

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