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Friday, December 31, 2010

NOTD -Opi sparkle-icious

Hi everyone,
Hope all of you have had an amazing holiday season. Hope you've had a good Christmas and will have a great new year's. When I think of New Year's celebrations I think of glitter and shimmer, so OPI sparkle-icious comes to mind nail wise. It took me ages to buy this polish mainly because I do not like glitter polishes. I have a ton of them but never wear them. I really love the look of cream polish. Cream polishes can look so sultry, sexy but yet sophisticated and glitter polish can sometimes look so ..well cheap! However after reading a million and one good reviews on this polish, I caved it and bought. I must say I love it! It's not a polish I would wear all year around but it is perfect for the holidays.
So this is what I'll be wearing for new years on my nails. Hope you all have a great New Year's and may the new year bring prosperity love and wonderful things to all of you.

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