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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Help me decide

Hi I have been going thru a bit of "hair crisis" lately (not to be dramatic or anything haha) but I can't decide what color I want my hair to be. I have been a blonde for about two years now, and keep varying from dark blonde to light blonde ( I know...huge risk-taker, aren't I?) but have been thinking about going back dark for a while. My natural color is somewhere in the family of brown/dirty blonde. I got a bunch of dark low lights put in last month just to test out dark shades but kept a lot of blonde highlights, and as much as I thought I wanted dark hair, I didn't love it all that much.
I have an appointment soon and I want you to tell me which color you recommend.
So here are some pictures of me as a blonde, and the one with a bit darker hair which happens to be my natural color. Which one gets your vote?

Let me know which color you recommand.
Thank you xoxo

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