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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MAC Summer Stash Metallic Pigments from Surf Baby Collections

I love MAC pigments because I'm a huge lover of shimmery or metallic eyeshadows and both of the stacks that are part of the Surf Baby Collections are very metallic.
Swatched below from left to right the colors are: Pearl, Peachy, Pink and Old Wine.

Pearl is a pink white color that reminds me of Stila Kitten. Peachy is a peachy shimmery color similar to MAC melon. Pink is a cranberry color and it's similar to MAC's cranberry, and Old Wine is a brown with tons of silver shimmer, and it reminds me of MAC's mulch. Overall I love this stack as much as Surf the Ocean. Some of these colors like Peachy and Pearl can double up as face highlights for some skin tones. These aren't the most unique colors but they are gorgeous. If you enjoy metallic, natural and warm colors, this would be the perfect pigment to purchase.

Hope you all have had an amazing day.

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