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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Taupe eyeshadows!

I'm one of those girls that when they like a shirt they get it in every possible color and when I like a color I get it in every brand...I'm sure some of you can relate.
Taupe eyeshadows is one of those colors that I buy in whatever brand and can never get enough of! Here are some of my favourites: Bobbie Brown Heather Mauve, Chanel Safari, Nars Corfu, MAC Satin Taupe, Le Metier De Beaute in Corinthian and Urban Decay in Sidecar.

 Bobbie Brown Heather Mauve is a gorgeous taupe with tons of silver shimmer. I love taupes that have a good quantity of silver in it.
Chanel Safari is the least pigmented of these so this for those that like a soft taupe color

 Le Metier De Beaute in Corinthian is extremely pigmented and it has more purple then silver.
 NARS corfu is a cream color shadow from NARS. I can only use this if I use NARS's primer, otherwise this creases. It's a gorgeous color
 MAC satin taupe is one of my faves. It's texture is soft as butter and it is extremely wearable.
Urban Decay Sidecar is very shimmery and it's a bit softer than most taupes but highly pigmented.

I feel like I'm leaving out one or two other taupes that I may have in my collection but I think I value these the most.
Do you love Taupe shadows?
Hope you all have had an amazing week.

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