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Saturday, June 5, 2010

MAC Eyeshadow Pallets Part 1

Hi everyone,

I wanted to make a post of some the MAC pallets that I use. Most of these colors are for every day use, natural look. Here are some of the colors on one of my favorite pallets (starting from the top left to the bottom right)
1. Nylon is a very pretty light yellow. It's a frost so it opens up the eye and it makes you look awake. This is perfect for those days when you feel/look tired and you want to use products that make you glow and reflect light. Use it in the tear duct to open up the eye.
2. Jest is a lighter version of allthatglitters. It's a peachy color. It looks perfect with sable in the otter v.
3. Retrospeck is a shimmery white/yellow type of color described by MAC as a beached blonde. When you swatch this it looks a bit chunky as it's a lustre. With a good base though, this stays put. Try this with tempting if you have green and blue eyes. It looks amazing!
4. Amber lights is a brown that looks like liquid metal. It works well on blue eyes especially.
5. Gleam is another lustre. This is a mix of gold and pink.This is perfect with MAC Twinks in the otter v.
6. Honeylust is a mixture of gold, pink, bronze all into one. I love love love this color. It's very shimmery but not glittery. I get a lot of compliments when I wear this color.
7. Texture is a light brown with gold running thru it. Perfect for everyday look. It's one of those colors that's easy to skip on because it looks OK in the pan, but on is gorgeous!
8. Satin Taupe. This is a stormy purple/gray/taupe color. Perfect for a natural smokey eye. Pair this with a bit of carbon in the outer corner and a tiny bit of nylon in the tear duct for a more smokey look.
9. All That Glitters. This is a champagne yellow pink type of color. It's pretty for an every day look. I go thru several of these as this compliments any skin tone or any color of eye.
10. Romp. Romp is a light chocolate brown with gold laced thru it.
11. Coppering is a copper/red color. This is one of the most unique shadows MAC make. If you missed out on MAC's so popular spiced chocolate quad, you want to buy coppering, cranberry, a matte brown and shroom and you have the quad. Coppering and Cranberry would be the perfect dupe for MAC's spiced chocolate most famous colors.
12. Beauty Marked. This is a red type of black with finely milled shimmer running thru it. I use this for a less dramatic smokey eye.
13. Mythology is a red/copper packed with gold shimmer. This is one of my favorite colors. It really compliments blue and green eyes.
14. Sable is a plum brown with gold laced thru it. If you are new to MAC, you need to start with this eyeshadow. You can wear this over the lid or in the outter v for a smokey look. I love sable.
15. Sensualize. I feel bad to show this color as this was limited edition. I'm currently using my second back up of this. It's a taupe color with red shimmer running thru it. It gives you that soft sensual look. I love this but if you can't get this anymore, a second best would be Satin Taupe.
Here are some swatches of these colors(from L-R, Nylon, Jest, Retrospeck, Amber lights, Gleam,Honeylust, Texture, Satin Taupe, All that glitters, Romp, Coppering, Beauty Marked, Mythology, Sable and Sensualize)

What are some of your favourite MAC eyeshadows?

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