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Sunday, June 20, 2010

MAC Haul

Hi everyone,
Hope you all have had an amazing week. I went to the mall yesterday and stopped by my local MAC pro store and Sephora. I bought a few items and thought to share them with you. I'll do a separate post for the Sephora items.
1. I bought a back up of MAC's blush in "Cheek". This is a pink matte blush. It's so so pretty. Think soft light cotton candy pink. It is a scrumptious color but MAC being MAC, they have discontinued this color. I bought a back up of it because I love it so much. If you can't find this, Pinch O' Peach is a close dupe.

2. I also got another pro blush in the color salsarose. This is a bright red color. It's scary to look at, as are most all MAC pro blushes. This was a replacement, and the one I had before this lasted me for ages. These are worth the money. I love red blushes on brunettes and love to wear them when my hair is darker. It makes me think of winter and that flush happy look you get when you're outside playing in the snow.

3. I got Vex eyeshadow. This is also a replacement as I ran out of the one I had. Vex is a whole lot of colors mixed in one. It is a beige with pink and green pearl. It's a frost finish which equals shimmery lids. Gorgeous!!!! Everyone needs this color in their life. This swatch does not make it justice. I can't get the undertones to show. In real life this is a beauty!

4. I got a beauty powder from Liberty of London collection. The color is Summer Rose. I'll be using this as a blush. It's a light light purple almost lavender color with a slight sheen to it.

5. I got Viva Glam Cindy. I'm a bit late in getting this but I must say as much as I love darker colors on others, on me I just prefer a light pink, peach or nude color. This is not the type of color I would usually wear but this can be easily sheered out. This is a mixture of red and coral which makes it more wearable then a plain red. I have heard rave reviews on this lipstick. It is a lustre so it's very shinny and the money goes to a good cause.

This is all I got from MAC. Several of these items were just replacement as I had ran out of them so these are well loved products. What do you think of these colors?
Hope you all had an amazing weekend. :)

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