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Sunday, March 20, 2011

I unovi eyeshadows

I recently ordered some I Unovi eyeshadows and have been very impressed with them. I always get excited to find a new brand. I heard about I unovi eyeshadows while reading a post by Camilla Grammer's makeup artist Dedra Whitt. She posted in her blog about how much she loved these eyeshadows especially the metallogy ones. I'm a sucker for anything shiny and while most makeup artist love matte anything, I have always loved shimmery shadows (not glitter just shimmer).
These were very difficult to order. I tried to order them from their site but when trying to check out I kept getting an error message so I emailed the company and they emailed me back with a paypal address to send the money to. I paid and got them in about two weeks.
The eyeshadows are just gorgeous. I'll be buying quite a few more of these. I think in Singapore these may be priced less, but I paid $21 per shadow which is almost $10 more than I would pay here for MAC refill shadow.
I got both shadows in metallogy finish but they also make a few that aren't as shimmery and are called the dry/wet shadows (I believe ..not exactly sure)
I got champagne which is as the title suggests a soft champagne color with a bit of a pink undertone. The shadow itself is buttery and extremely easy to apply but it still feels solid and not super soft like say Stila kitten eyeshadow. I love the texture of these shadows. The colors are beautiful. They are very pigmented and everything I would want a metallic eyeshadow to be. I also got bronze which unlike MAC's bronze is less brown and more golden/orange type of color. This had the same texture as champagne and it was a dream to apply.
Swatch of Champagne:

Swatch of Bronze:
I am extremely impressed with these shadows and can go on and on about them. These swatches do not make them justice. They are so multidimensional but the camera isn't picking that up. The remind of what Shu Uemura's eyeshadows use to be before they were reformulated.
The only con I would say is the inability to buy them from their website which I don't understand why that is but that won't keep me from buying a few more.

Have you tried this brand?
Hope you all had an amazing weekend.

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