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Monday, March 28, 2011

My every day makeup

I can't really say this is the makeup I wear every single day because ...well I love makeup, I have tons of it and love change but I wore this today and thought if I had to pick a group of items to compose an everyday look, a simple non complicated natural everyday look, this would be the group of items I would pick:

1. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage concealer. This covers most everything and I find that I don't have to wear foundation when I use this. Since I do not like to wear foundation every day, this is a life saver for me.
2. Smashbox trio. Smashbox eye colors are so lightly pigmented that they are very easy to wear and create a clean natural look. The colors in this trio are Vanilla (an off white matte color), Champagne (a shimmery champagne color) and Brazilian Bronze (shimmery golden bronze color). This is lovely for a natural no fuss eye look.
From left to right we have Brazilian Bronze, Champagne, and Vanilla.
3. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hour wear blush in Tipsy. All I can say is that I adore this blush. It's a hot coral color which looks amazing on any skin with a yellow tone...talking to all MAC NC's here. I'll need to do a separate review on this blush because it truly is amazing! 

4. Smashbox cream eyeliner in Midnight Brown. Again, like most smashbox items that I have, this is a pretty soft color with very little pigmentation which I know sounds bad to some people but really these type of items are very easy to use. You can always put more to increase pigmentation. The color itself it's a very dark brown.
5. Smashbox DNA mascara. This is great at separating lashes. It gives long flattery natural lashes, but the color is one of the most intense blacks I have seen.
6. MAC C-thru lip gloss. This is my all time, number one most favorite lip gloss in the entire world. I have tons of glosses but always go back to this. This is a beige nude but surprisingly easy to pull off.

Let me know what some of your items are for an every day fresh and natural look.

Hope you all have an amazing Monday! 

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