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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring is in the air!

It's so warm and pretty outside and it feels so spring like and gorgeous. I pulled some products that are perfect for this weather together today to do my makeup:
1. From the naked palette, I have been using the first color which is virgin. Virgin is a gorgeous white but it has a soft pearl hue to it that makes it soft on the eye. I put this all over the lid and it instantly opens up the eye and makes me look well rested. I use the second color on this palette, Sin half way thru the lid and up in my crease. Sin is a gorgeous shimmer champagne color. In the outer crease I use a bit of toasted which is the 9th color on this palette. Toasted is a gorgeous soft purple mauve (very hard to describe) shimmery color.
Below we have sin, virgin and toasted. Gorgeous for a soft spring like look.
2. I used vitalumiere aqua as a foundation today as there is nothing better than the feel of no make up when the weather is warm. This is absolutely gorgeous. It's very light on the skin and it feels like you have nothing on.
3. The lip product that always comes to mind when the weather is warm is Clarins Eclant minute. I have used this for what feels like years. It's amazing on. It's very soft and it gives a unique shine to the lips. It's not sticky so it doesn't last very long but who wants sticky when the weather is nice and warm?

4. For my nails I'm loving the nude colors such as Essies's topless and barefoot. This is a gorgeous nude. It's very difficult to find a nude polish but Essie did amazing with this.
What makeup are you loving right now?
I hope you all have had an amazing week.

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