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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Nars Hearts of Glass Eyeshadow

I'll start by saying, this is the only baby blue eyeshadow I own. It's a very unique color. I debated getting this for a year mainly because I love warm colors and they look best with my skin color. I shy away from blue eyeshadow period. It just doesn't flatter me but this is the pretties light eyeshadow I own. It's a very light blue with white shimmer. It opens up the eyes and gives you the effect of a wide awake and well rested look (which after running 20 miles yesterday I so desperately need).
Here is a swatch of the color. It's a shame the camera won't pick up the white shimmer.
I wore it with three coats of mascara and I darkened the crease with NARS Coconut Grove (MAC false lashes)

Do you own any baby blue shadows?

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