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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Some of my fave MAC eyeshadows

I love eyeshadow so I thought it was only appropriate to post a youtube video ( of my 10 favorite MAC eyeshdows. 

It was hard picking 10 but here are the shadows that made the cut:
1. Nylon. A very shimmery light yellow color. This is perfect as a highlighter but I sometimes use it midway thru the lid and it opens up the eyes and gives the appearance of a well rested, just got back from a long vacation look. 
2. Retrospeck. A golden mixed with silver making this a very unique shadow that instantly warms up the eye. 
3. Shroom. I think of this shadow as that little black dress..this is just a good shadow to put all over the lid. It wont' show much color but it'll provide a little bit of light catching shine and even out the lids.
4. All that glitters. A very soft peachy pink golden sandy color. Very pretty as an every day eyeshadow
5. Satin Taupe. The perfect taupe. Very soft, buttery smooth
6. Woowinked. I think of this as perfect golden's a very rich bronze color mixed with rich shimmery gold.
7. Tempting. Tempting is a half way house between golden and dark bronze. This is stunning on green eyes
8. Charcoal brown. This too me is simmilar to shroom...almost a necessaty. =) It's a perfect brown and I know a lot of people use this to fill in their brows. I haven't used it for that, but I can vouch that it makes a beautiful eyeshadow and liner.
9. Brown Down. This is a veluxe finish so very buttery and easy to blend and a dream to work with. This is a soft brown with a tinge of berry.
10. Mystery. This is the perfect cool brown that looks amazing for a smokey eye but less harsh than black.

Let me know what some of your fave eyeshadows are.
Have a great Sunday everyone. 

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