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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Laura Mercier Artist Eyeshadow Palette

Hi Everyone,
I went shopping recently at Nordstrom and spotted Laura Mercier's new Artist eyeshadow palette. This palette contains twelve eyeshadows that are nudes and naturals which I can't get enough of because I'm a natural eyeshadow type of girl and very rarely wear colored eyeshadow. There are twelve gorgeous shades in this palette and it retails for $80. They're mostly matte shadows with a few shimmery shade.  The palette comes with a caviar stick in the color cocoa and the full blown volume lash mascara.
Swatches of the top row from left to right: Noir, Deep Night, Coffee Ground, Cafe Au Lait and Ginger. 

These colors were uber pigmented, the texture is very smooth and easy to bland and they're very soft to the touch. The stand out color for me is ginger because it's a gorgeous matte spicy gingery/redish color that's very unique. I also love Cafe Au Lait because it's an easy to use chocolate brown shade that would be perfect for every day use. Noir is the perfect intense matte black that can be use to smoke eyeshadow or as a liner. Deep night is a gorgeous deep blue and coffee ground is a very intense brown.

Swatches of the last row from left to right: buttercream, diamond pink, guava, sable, african violet, violet steels and rich cocoa at the bottom. I also swatted the caviar stick cocoa on top

Buttercream is a soft matte yellow white color which is perfect to use all over the lid to hide any discoloration. Dimaond pink I really love because it's a very girly shimmery pink much like Stila Kitten. Guava is perfect for spring and summer because it's a beautiful shimmery peach. Sable is a cool tone gray which it's much aprichiated (I think it's usful to have a palette that contains both cool and warm tone shades). African violet is one of my all time faveroutie shadows. A gorgeous shimmery warm purple with a ton of gold shimmer. Violet steels is a shimmery violet blue shadow and rich cocoa is a brown with a ton of gold shimmer. I noticed the shimmery shades have very finely milled shimmer so they would be perfect to wear for any occasion. 

Overall, this palette is worth the money. The pigmentation is extremely intense, the color selection is perfect to create daytime or nighttime looks and it has any shadow you would need (highlight or smokey shades), it's light and the packaging is gorgeous. 

Hope you all had a great weekend. 

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