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Friday, April 25, 2014

MALLY Champagne and Saddle Shimmer shadow stick swatches

I've been curious about Mally Cosmetics for a while but it's one of those brands that is not sold around my area so the only time I've been able to play/swatch the products is when I go to Henri Bendel in NYC. However, Ulta is now selling Mally so over the weekend I picked two of their shadow sticks in the color champagne and saddle shimmer. 

These can be used on their own as eyeshadow or as a base for eyeshadow. Their meant to be long lasting and non creasing. I find that after 6 hours they do crease on me but only so slightly. Champagne is an intense shimmer champagne. I love the color but its definitely way more sparkly then MAC's Bare Study which is my favorite champagne cream base/shadow type of product. The shade itself is very universal and flattering on a variety of skin tones. Saddle shimmer is a gorgeous brown taupe infused with gold shimmer. They're both beautiful if you enjoy intense shimmer and want some sparkle in your life.  
Hope you all have had a great week and happy Friday! 

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