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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tom Ford Beauty Haul

As a makeup junkie I'm ashamed (or perhaps I should be proud) to report I haven't in the past tried much of Tom Ford cosmetic items. I have bought a nail polish here and there but nothing else. So I decided to jump on the bandwagon and purchased three eyeshadow palettes and a nail polish. The palettes I picked up are Cognac Sable, Golden Mink, Cocoa Mirage and nail polish in the color Smoke Red. 

The nail polish is in the color Smoke Red. It was quite hard to get the camera to show this a true color but this is a very deep cream red with sort of a cranberry undertone. This will be perfect for Christmas. 

 Cognac Sable has a gorgeous shimmery peach, burned orange, red brown and a steal gray shade.

Golden Mink has a golden shade, a cool town brown and two glitters, one shimmery peach glitter and a gorgeous golden glitter. 

Cocoa Mirage is a stunning matte palette with a bone shade, cool tone brown, burgundy shade and a darker chocolate brown. 

I absolutely love these palettes and am so excited to start using them. The quality of these is amazing, they blend so well and are so pigmented. The price point of this is pretty high but the quality makes it worth it in my opinion. 

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