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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Essie Minimalistic nail polish - swatches

I've been sporting darker nails for the last month as I often do during fall and when I removed my polish this weekend I noticed my nails are in that length where a beautiful nude polish makes them look clean, long and beautiful. So instead of another dark color, I reached for one of my all time favorite pinkish white colors that looks amazing with longer nails which is Essie Minimalistic. Essie Minimalistic is a soft marshmallow shade. It's a white color but with a hint of a pink...think of a soft cloud. Absolutely beautiful but yet not stark white and very wearable.

This need about two coats as the first coat is quite streaky but that's the case with all the soft colors and I don't mind it. This polish makes the nails appear a lot longer too so if you're trying to grow your nails or want them to look longer gives this a go. And of course what a universal color...It looks good with anything.

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