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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Butter London Pink Knickers Polish swatches

Butter London recently released a brand new collection that is specifically target to provide a bit of extra shine to the nails. The line its Patent shine10X and it has some absolutely gorgeous shades. I, being a fan of glossy nails, was immediately drawn to this collection. The first shade I bought is Pink Knickers...not sure about the name but let's proceed with the color. The color is the most beautiful peachy pink shade I have ever seen...It's keen to Essie's famous Van D'Go but slightly lighter and just more opaque and shinier. It truly lives up to it's name of being shiny but most importantly the color represents summer...its the type of polish one wears to the beach, by the pool...perfect for summer. It's more peachy than pink but there is an ever so slight pink undertone.
As with a lot of these type of colors, two coats was absolutely  necessary to get it look opaque but I have to expect that of most lighter shades and honestly I prefer it as it gives a little bit of control over the application. This is a gorgeous shade and I highly recommend it for summer.

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