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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sephora Formula X Perfection Nail Polish Swatches

When I heard that Sephora was discontinuing the Sephora by OPI nail polish range, I was really sad specicially about one amazing color...metro chic. The likes of the taupe purple mushroom shade is easier to find now than when metro chic first came out, but I loved it so much and I always get a bunch of compliments when I wear it. The new line however, formula X seems to has a very close dupe called Perfection.
Formula X is meant to be very gel like and last on the nails for a more extended period of time than the regular polish. I do think this looks very gel like in the fact that it looks very shiny and it curves your nails much like the gel polish. Perfection (just like metro chic) is a gorgeous purple taupe mushroom shade, in the dirty family that looks amazing with short nails and it's perfect for fall and winter. Overall, I'm very happy that Sephora is offering a pretty much exact dupe and highly recommend this shade.

Hope you all have had a lovely day.
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