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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Getting back into running long distance...and it feels good.

So after indulging quite a bit during vacation (just a few picks of the many indulging foods we had tsk tsk!!) it is time to get back into shape.

I absolutely love running and after taking a week off to relax and enjoy the beach I am back at it...this is a very sleepy me this morning at  am ish. I'm back at running 4-6 miles a day and doing a 10+ miles on Saturday. I ran my last marathon in Maine this May and now that Autumn is around the corner, I'm thinking about registering for another race soon.

I aslo absolutely love yoga especially hot yoga and it's something I try to do twice a week. The stretching helps loosen some of the tight muscles that are a result of running. Looking forward to posting about a new race soon.

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