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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Michael Todd True Organics Lemon Tonner

I recently purchased a few items from Michael Todd and have been amazed by the quality of this products. I'm very fickle with skincare as I have quite sensitive skin that's prone to break outs, but at the same time I am a health nut so the fact that the name had true organics in it sucked me in. I try to be good where I can with skincare/beauty care. I have used this toner for a month now and it has blown me out of the water.
The toner is made with extracts of lemon, oranges and cranberries. I know lemon is amazing at brighteninig your skin. In fact it's great to use to help reduce those pesky post acne discoloration. It also has black willow tree extract known to promote clear skin.

Here is what I have noticed since using it...It keeps my skin very clear but also it keeps moisturized. Typically toners that are meant to keep my skin clear, also dry it out, but this leaves it extremely balanced. I'm excited to try more things from this brand, and I highly recommend this toner.

Hope you all have had a lovely Saturday.

Lots of love

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