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Friday, February 4, 2011

MAC cham pale haul

MAC's Cham Pale collection came out in December so I'm really really late in posting this but I recently trotted to MAC and they still had the entire collection at my store. Since this was one of my favorite collections and it's not sold out in most stores, I felt ok posting this now. I'm in love with paint pots at the moment and this collection had four of them but my two favorite are vintage selection and chilled on ice.
1. Vintage selection is in my opinion the star of this collection. It's a gorgeous peachy/pink color with tons and tons of shimmer. It goes very well with both MAC woodwinked and Mulch and it's gorgeous on its own as well. If you get one item from this collection, get vintage selection.
2. Chilled on ice is a shampagne/gold color. This is sheer and very comparable to MAC bare study. It's not necessarly a must have but I love it enough that I thought it deserves a mention.
3. Chez Chez Lamé highlighter is a beautiful light golden highlighter. This is absolutely wonderful. It gives that light within to the cheeks. The shimmer is finely milled and absolutely gorgeous. This is a better and more refined version of the famous NARS albatros. It's stunning.
These would be my recommendations from the MAC cham pale collection. I'll post a different post about Peacocky collection haul. As far as MAC wonderwoman collection goes, I'll probably not be getting anything from that collection. The packaging is just not my cup of tea. Did you get anything from Cham Pale?

Hope you all have had a lovely week.

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