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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lush Fair Trade Honey Shampoo review

I love Lush for their soaps but haven't tried their shampoos till this year. I've tried their bar shampoo called New), Honey Shampoo, Blousey and Rehab. All great but of course I have my favorites.
The honey shampoo, I'm close to using up so this is a good time to review it. 

The Fair Trade Honey Shampoo is meant to very moisturizing, provide luster and shine to the hair. The weather has gotten quite cold so I've been focusing on putting some moisture back into my hair and this shampoo really does that. It keeps my hair healthy and soft. Below is a picture of how my hair behaves after washing it with this shampoo.

 What makes this shampoo so moisturizing is of course honey. More than half of this shampoo is honey which has antibacterial properties as well and hence this shampoo has no preservatives. It has other amazing ingredients such as Bergamot Oil, Sunflower Lecithin, Linseed Mucilage etc...all very moisturizing and perfect for dry hair or if you live in areas with hard water (where calcium build up can be so harsh on the hair)
Overall I love this shampoo especially for fall and winter when your hair needs moisture the most. I do wish this was LSL free as typically I use shampoos that are LSL free but overall great shampoo.

Hope you all are doing great. 

Loads of love

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