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Monday, December 16, 2013

RiRi Hearts MAC Phresh Out Swatches

MAC released their holiday collection and it's a collaboration with Rihanna. The collection is gorgeous. The packaging is a beautiful winter white with R in rose gold and RiRi hearts MAC in white. One of the items I purchased was the eyeshadow palette in the color phresh out.

First impressions are this is a good natural shimmery palette. There are two glitters that are of poor quality but the other three I love. There is a shimmery golden shade much similar to MAC's nylon, the kind of shimmer that looks amazing in the inner duct to open up your eyes and make you look wide awake. The second shade is a glittery peach which swatches mostly of glitter. The third I'm afraid is much the same...a champagne glitter that swatches quite sheer and mostly glitter. However, I think these two would look gorgeous as a shimmer wash for the holidays. The last two are gorgeous...the fourth is the perfect shimmery purple taupe much similar to MAC's satin taupe but so shimmery and soft. The last one is a gray that swatches very dark but it's metallic and I think it'll offer a depth to the crease that some mattes may not be able to do due to it's shimmer effect. 

I think overall this is a great palette for a soft natural smokey eye and the glitter would be ok to wear during the holidays.

Hope you all are doing great. 

Loads of love

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