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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Guiltless haul

Hello gorgeous followers,

I recently did a swap with one of my followers Natt who I found on Makeup alley. I send her NARS Super Orgasm blush and she send me NARS Oasis. I really do love this color. I am addicted to NARS blushes and have a wish list as long as my arm. In my opinion blushes are the best product NARS do, mainly because they are so pigmented and a little goes a long way. This blush is very pretty. It is a pink with plumps undertone so it gives you that natural flushy pink but at the same time it countours your cheeks because of the darker undertones. It has a whole lot of gold glitter running thru it, so you have to buff it in a bit. Although it has a bit of a cool plump undertone this is very warming to the skin. I'm very excited about this blush.
What are some of the NARS blushes you have tried? Have you ever done an internation swap? Do you use Makeup Alley?

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