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Monday, July 5, 2010

MAC bring out the oldies

Hi beautiful followers,
As you all know, MAC releases one or sometimes two limited editions every month. The hard part is falling in love with an item and knowing you can't get it anymore (unless you're willing to pay a whole lot of money on Ebay) It's really excited when MAC brings a limited edition item back. This month,  MAC is bringing back 2 items which they released years ago and that are very coveted.
One of the items is the MAC msf "Stereo Rose" which is coming out with the "In the Groove Collection". This collection is out already in several places in Europe and it's being realised in the US on Thursday (although check online because MAC is known to put them out earlier online). Stereo Rose first came out on July 2005 with the Gold Play collection. This is a very coveted item and sells for wayyyyy tooo much on EBAY. This is a coral/pink MSF. It's the kind that gives that rosey sexy glow to the cheeks. I do not have this but I'm so excited to get my hands on it. Here is a picture of Stereo Rose from Temptalia @ I'm sure all of you have heard of Temptalia. Isn't she amazing?

Also returning are some of the mineralized eyeshadows that came out with the Flashtronic collection on July 2007. These eyeshadows are coming back with MAC Digi-Pops Collection (Nordstom Exclusive) that's coming out on July the 15th. I'm very excited about these eyeshadows especially for lovestone. I heart lovestone. It's a mixture of pink and purple with tons of gold veins running thru it. If you love the likes of MAC cranberry and those sort of warm colors, you'll love Lovestone. I have this shadow but barely use it because I don't have a back up. Look at that beauty! I'm getting a back up of Lovestone.

Do you have a discontinued item that you wish MAC would bring back? Tell me what that one is.
Hope you all are having a wonderful day.

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