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Friday, July 9, 2010

MAC In the Groove Collection Haul and a question

Hello beautiful followers,
I have a small MAC haul for you from In the Groove Collection. Apologies from the start as I'm sure you've seen these products several times by now but I was just now able to get mine and I'm so excited and want to share them with you.
1. I finally got my hands on "Stereo Rose" msf.

There was a lot hype about this product and I must say "It's gorgeous". It's a soft peachy/coral pink color with brown veining running thru it. I love it and I'm glad I got it. I'll be using this on top of the blush to give a glow and with a light hand as a highlighter.
2. Hang Loose mineralize blush.

This is half baby pink and half lilac. When swiped, you get that soft baby pink blush but the lilac gives it that highlight touch. There is something sweet and angelic about this color and at the same time it gives you that sexy glowy baby doll look. I love it.
3. Soften the mood eyeshadow.

This is a trio mineralized eyeshadow with a dark brown, a light champagne and a pretty baby blue. This is just your typical natural eyeshadow but I like it and I know I'll get a lot of wear out of this.

4. I also got MAC Jazzed.

 Jazzed is so pretty. This sold out online too so I'm so glad I got my hands on this. It's a cremesheen which is one of my favourite finishes. This is a soft coral with a pink undertone to it. It's gorgeous

Overall I was very excited about this collection and when I sow it today, it did not disappoint. It has a lot of warm and natural colors which I really do like and go well with any skintone. Now on to the you guys have any item that can be a dupe to MAC stereo Rose? Do you have a coral blush that you would recommend from any brand? I would love some suggestions.
Hope you all had an amazing day =)

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