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Monday, October 4, 2010

September favourites

Hello lovelies,
I can't believe September is over already. It has flown by. I am so excited to write this monthly favourites because I have loved these products so much and can't wait to share them with you. I have a bit of make up, skin care, hair care and other bits and pieces.
Starting with makeup. September has been all about naturals. I love soft brown  and nude colors in fall. The quad below has some of my favourite eyeshadows and the ones I have worn the most this month (from left to right : Woodwinked, Mulch, Jest and Brule)

Brule is a soft beige color. Perfect for all over the lid to open up the eyes.
Swatch of Brule:

 Jest is a soft peachy color. Beautiful in the tear duck area or all over the lid smoked out with a darker color.
Swatch of Jest:

Mulch is a darker brown/gold color. This is perfect on the outer V with either brule or jest all over the lid. Swatch of Mulch:
Woodwinked is perfect all over the lid or in the otter V with brule or jest all over the lid. It's a metallic bronzy/gold color. Swatch of woodwinked.
 My favourite lip combination this month has been MAC blankety and Stila lipglaze in Vanilla. Stila lipglazes are very sticky so they stay on for a long time. If you do not like sticky lipglosses stay well clear of Stila glazes. Vanilla is the perfect nudy peach and it looks gorgeous on. It's extremely glossy and shiny.

 I have not used any foundation in months now and all I have used on my face have been the MAC mineralized skinfinishes. As you can see to your left I have completely finished my medium plus shade, and since I have lost all of my tan, had to switch to medium light. I have already hit pan on the medium light. I love these.They truly are a "your skin but better" product.
 As far as skincare goes, I have dabbled a little bit on Kate Somerville's products this September but I'm truly an Origins' girl. I love Origins and have used some of their products for years now. They work really well with my skin. Two that have stand out this month are the Checks and Balances face wash and Brighter By Nature serium.
Checks and Balances I have used for a while now and love it so much. This face wash is for combination skin and it cleanses both dry and oily places without cancelling each other out. It has broad leaf kelp extract to help with the oil and wheat protein to balance and protect the dry places. This product is brilliant. It's one of Origins' best sellers. It gets great reviews online and for good reason. This product keeps my skin healthy and happy. I highly recommend trying it. My origins counter always gives out samples, so if anything try a sample of it. If you have combination skin, you will love this product. 
The second skin product that I have loved this month is Origins brighter by nature skin correcting serum. I have used this in cognition with Mederma to help with post acne spots (I had just a few that I wanted gone) and can honestly stay that they have worked miracles on my skin. Love them both.

 My favourite hair product this month has been the Shu Uemura Essence Absolute nourishing and protective oil. I have been using Moroccan oil since the first day I colored my hair back blond and it works beautifully in keeping the hair healthy and soft. In fact I have mentioned Moroccan oil before in my June favourites. However, at the begging of this month I got a hair trim in a saloon that sells Shu Uemura and the hair dresser recommended this oil. This is much more expensive than Moroccan oil. It works beautifully and it gives the hair an extreme and beautiful shine without wheighing it down. My hair was literally glistening the next day. However, it's not that much different from my Moroccan oil. It smells a little better, it feels more luxurious, it's a little lighter and it makes the hair just a tiny bit shinier. All of this things though are small differences for a big price difference.

My favourite book this month has been the new Sophia Kinsella book "Mini Shopholic". I won't say much about this book so i don't spoil for anyone that may be reading it, but I just love Sophia Kinsella as I'm sure may girly girls do. 

These are my monthly favourites. Have you tried any of these products? What were your monthly favorites?

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