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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Review of MAC Venomous Villains My Dark Magic Minerlize eyeshadow

You guys know I love MAC but I'm always on the fence about their mineralized eyeshadows. However, I did pick up "My Dark Magic" mainly because it is a purple with a whole lot of black and I love purple eyeshadows. I thought to do a review as it may help some of you that are still deciding what to get from this collection.
Picture of My Dark Magic Mineralized Eyeshadow
 Look at how beautiful these colors are in direct sunshine.

I think this eyeshadow is very pretty. The purple side is gorgeous and the black side has some deep blue/purple veins making it very pretty and unique. This is perfect for a smokey look. However, as all of MAC mineralized eyshadows, this doesn't look as good in the eyes as it does when your swatch it. On the lids this basically looks like a black eyeshadow with a little bit of shimmer. You can keep the shimmer  and the color vibrant like the swatch above if you use fix plus or any other spray (I'm guessing water would work as well). It'll give it that "foiled look". However without fix plus it pretty much looks like a black eyeshadow with a little bit of shimmer.
What do you think of this eyeshadow? Are you getting it?

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