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Monday, September 20, 2010

In and Out Number 3

Hello beautiful followers,
Here are some of my recent in and outs:

1. Dark or pale nails. I am going thru a phase right now where my favorite polishes are the likes of blackish dark colors like OPI "My private jet" or soft off white colors like OPI "Bubble bath". It has been very black or white on my nails recently. I'm sure I'll get back into purples/mauves and all of my favorite colors soon, as I tend to get bored easily. The picture below is bubble bath (the old formula. OPI has reformulated this and it's more pink and less white. I do not like the second formula and would not recommend buying it. I was given it as a gift and I couldn't believe how different they applied) 

The new bubble bath and OPI my private jet.

2. Making progress. I'm currently training to run a full marathon this April. I ran the 1/2 last April and really felt that I could have gone a step further and ran the full. The full marathon is 26 miles but my training schedule goes to 20 miles. I ran 19 miles this past Saturday and felt great. The weather is cooling off; making my runs enjoyable and helping my speed. Here is to making progress!!!! It makes me smile.
3. MAC's blush in Desert Rose. This was send to me by Laura one of the lovely people here that I follow which was extremely generous of her. Please check out her blog and follow if you haven't already. The link is Her blog is amazing and it has a little bit of everything. Those are my favorite blogs to read and I love reading hers.
I love this blush and have been wearing it a lot recently. It's a gorgeous reddish color with a burgundy undertone.  It's a matte finish which is my favorite finish of all MAC blushes. This gives me that flush, healthy cheek that you get when you're out playing in the snow. When I put this on it makes me think of the holidays. This will be perfect for fall and winter. It's almost like a stain in the sense that even this swatch wouldn't come off without wipes. Very pigmented. I love this so much!

4. Fall decorations. Ok this isn't exactly a picture of my fall decorations but as I was walking around at Publix this afternoon I spotted this little pumpkin and thought he would be perfect on top my makeup drawer. How cute is this?
5. The New York Time Bestseller book "Skinny Dip" by Carl Hiassen. And no...this is not what you're thinking. Get your mind out of the gutter! :) It's a mystery book and I love a good mystery that keeps me guessing till the end. I bought this in Florida while on vacation to read while laying out at the beach and the storyline actually happens in Florida which was perfect to read while there. I loved this book. It's very witty, funny and a good mystery. Carl has a series of mystery books and I plan to read them all. I love to read. I find it relaxing to unwind and finish the day by cuddling in the couch or bed with a good book. What are some of your favourite books?

1. Not getting to play with makeup as much as I would like. I was reorganizing my makeup recently for my blog sale and found a few Chanel glossimiers all custom of working at Dillard's and made me really miss that part. I really want to get into freelancing more and hope that I have a chance to do more of it since I already have a pretty demanding full time job.

What are your in and outs?

Thank you for reading and commenting. xx

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