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Sunday, September 12, 2010

MAC Saint Germain versus MAC Of Royalty

Hi lovelies,
I recently got my hands on the new Fabulous Felines (Palace Pedigreed) MAC of Royalty lipstick. At first sight, I thought this is exactly like MAC Saint Germain. Here they are side by side:
They look different on the tube, but they swatch very similar. They are both a blue pink. As finish goes, Saint Germain is Amplified Creme and Of Royalty is a cremesheen. They are both very creamy and very pigmented. Saint Germain has more blue undertones than Of Royalty making Of Royalty a more wearable Saint Germain. I personally wear Saint Germain by simply tapping it on my lips or using a lip brush to sheer it out and then apply either a clear gloss or a yellow pink gloss over it. I wear Saint Germain all the time, and it's one of my favourite pinks. I like Of Royalty but Saint Germain has a little something extra that makes me like it even more.
Do you have Saint Germain or another bold pink lipstick that you love?

Hope you all had an amazing week.

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