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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm not a snob but I'm declaring my love for one...

MAC's snob that is.

This lipstick is gorgeous. It's a blue pink with a mauve and lilac undertone described by the mac website as a ladylike mauve. I would describe this as a sexy yet sophisticated color. It warms up the face, and it gives a very flirty look. This isn't your every day pink. It is a very "in your face" pink. It's super pigmented and it's very noticeable. The lilac undertone and the fact that it's a very cool blue pink make this a very bold color. It doesn't look as bold in the tube as it actually comes out on the lips. I love this lipstick but beware this isn't for everyone. This is the type of lipstick that most people either love or hate. It is a little tricky to wear for some. I do recommend using a balm before applying this to sheer it out a bit and apply a very thin layer. If you're a pink lover like me, and are not afraid of bold color, I would highly recommend trying Snob.
Do you have a bold pink lipstick in your collection?

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