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Friday, September 3, 2010

Illamasqua haul

Hi everyone,
I have a small Illamasqua haul that I got on my last vacation. I'm extremely impressed with this brand or at least with the products I got. They are so pigmented, last for a long time, unique colors, and high quality. I only wish they were more available in the US. There are only a few Sephora's that carry this brand here.
Here is what I got:
1. This is my favourite item from this entire haul, and it's the cream blush or cream blusher as they say in the UK in the color Rude. There is nothing rude about this blush. It's gorgeous. In the pan it looks like a hot orange color but on comes off as an pinkish coral. It's so pretty and girly, and it gives that gorgeous sexy flush to the cheeks and that look of overall good health. It lifts up the face and gives the cheeks that perfect pop of color. If Barbie had a coral blush, "Rude" would be it.
2. Cream Blush in the color "Lies". This is a very soft pink with a silver undertone to it, and it has a whole lot of sheen to it. If you have medium dark skin, this won't work as a blush. This would look well on top of blush to give glow to the cheeks or as a highlighter. I use it as a highlighter mostly. It gives a high shine to the cheeks and that look of glow within. This is another star in my opinion.

3. Powder blush in Expose. This is a bright orange. It's perfect when used in combination with a bronzer to get that sexy bronze look. It's such a strong, pigmented color. It looks scary on the pan but with a bronzer, or on tan skin, it gives that sexy "back from the beach" look.

4. Powder eyeshadow in Slink. Most of the Illamasqua eyeshadows, and I believe all of their blushes are matte. I love shimmer eyeshadows, and love a matte face, so I picked up one of the few shimmer eyeshadows that they had. This is a champagne gold. It is ok. I will use it, but probably not repurchase it because it's not pigmented enough for me which is really odd because most all of their items are extremely pigmented. The below picture is three swipes whereas all the above pictures are just one swipe.

Overall, I'm extermily impressed with this brand and would highly recommand it.
Have you guys tried this brand? What do you think of Illamasqua?
Hope you all have had a lovely day

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