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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Urban Decay Primer Potion

Urban Decay is a brand I have always loved (Yes long before they brought out the Naked Palette) and one of my favourite items is their primer potions. Aside from the packaging which even though looks very cute, is very user unfriendly (a lot of product is left behind), this product is genius. Urban Decay currently has three primer potions. I am swatching all three of them by themselves and with an eyeshadow on top. For the purpose of this post, I picked one of my favourite colors, MAC Patina. Here is MAC patina by itself without a base. It's a soft shimmery golden brown.

1. The original primer potion. This is a sheer nude. There are times when I don't want my primer to interfere with the color of the eyeshadow I'm wearing and I'm only choosing a primer for the purpose of keeping my eyeshadow on longer. For those times, I always go for the original. It completely sheers out and has no color, keeps the shadow from creasing and makes it long lasting. This is a very light formula. Sometimes MAC's paint pot can feel a bit heavy, but this is very light. UD currently has this for sale in a better packaging but I believe it's limited edition. Here is a picture of the potion by itself and then with Patina on top. As you can see this just provides a canvas but does not change the color of the shadow.
2. Primer Potion in Eden. This is the most recent one to come out. This has a tawny/yellowish hue and it's  matte. It is not as light as the original in consistency. It changes the color of the shadow just a little bit in the sense that it just makes it deeper. For example if the color you're using is light, it makes it a bit lighter and bolder, but if it's darker it really brings out the darker tones. Being a bit thicker, it just really deepens the color. Below is Eden by itself and with Patina on top. The middle part where the potion is located shows how the potion makes the shadow matte. Patina has a lot of shimmer to it but Eden mattes it a bit.
3. Primer Potion in Sin. This is very different from the first two because it is a very shimmery. It's a champagne color which I think is universal and would look good on any eye color. This is undoubtedly my favourite in summer time. It makes any eyeshadow shimmery. It looks beautiful even by itself. I love a shimmery lid and this one is gorgeous. This provides the same lasting power and crease resistance as the original and as does Eden. Below is a picture of sin by itself and with Patina on top.

Have you tried any of these? Which one is your favourite?

Hope you all have had an amazing week.

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