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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Loving and missing right now...

Here are some things I'm missing right now..

1. My natural hair color. I've been a blonde for two years now and I recently had a whole lot of low lights put in my hair. I use to love the look of dark color hair on me, but now I sort of don't want the dark or the blonde....craving just my natural hair color. I think I'll drag hubby with me to the hair dresser since he has the exact same color and demand they bring my natural hair color back. =)

2. The beach. I grew up by the beach and I love to live by water. I miss it dearly and can't wait to move back by the ocean. This is a picture I took last time I went to Florida. =) Beautiful
These are some of the things I'm missing and wanting really badly right now. Here are some thing I'm loving and are making me happy =)

1. MAC peachstock lipstick. The perfect nude in my opinion. This gives that nude without the "dead look". Enough said...
2. Urban Decay eyeshadow in half baked. Could I have one more gold eyeshadow? I think I have them all by any brand, but I love gold shadows. These look gorgeous on green and blue eyes. Let me know if you have any gold favourite shadows.

3. Egyptian Magic cream. I just got this last week so I'm sort of rushing on this but I knew the first day I put it on that I loved it. I use this before going to bed and the next morning my skin feel softer than it's ever felt. It's a multi use product but I'm recently only using it on my face.

What are you loving or missing right now?

Hope you all are having a lovely day.

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