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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Guiltless haul

Hello gorgeous followers,

I recently did a swap with one of my followers Natt who I found on Makeup alley. I send her NARS Super Orgasm blush and she send me NARS Oasis. I really do love this color. I am addicted to NARS blushes and have a wish list as long as my arm. In my opinion blushes are the best product NARS do, mainly because they are so pigmented and a little goes a long way. This blush is very pretty. It is a pink with plumps undertone so it gives you that natural flushy pink but at the same time it countours your cheeks because of the darker undertones. It has a whole lot of gold glitter running thru it, so you have to buff it in a bit. Although it has a bit of a cool plump undertone this is very warming to the skin. I'm very excited about this blush.
What are some of the NARS blushes you have tried? Have you ever done an internation swap? Do you use Makeup Alley?

Monday, July 26, 2010

FOTD - Keeping make up at minimum

Hi beautiful followers,
It's very very hot here right now with temperatures as high as over 100 degrees and with this heat I don't want to put too much make up on. Here is what I have been wearing during this hot days:

1. MAC studio sculpt concealer in NC 30
2. MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Medium Deep. I am in love head over hills with this product. This can be worn with a light hand for a soft light coverage, or can be build to provide full coverage and flawless skin. It's light on the skin. I red mixed reviews about this product on makeup alley with some people saying it broke them out. I have very sensitive skin and have worn this non stop and haven't had any issues with this product. This is not your typical powder that dries out your skin making all your blemishes more visible or sits on the fine lines making the skin look older and duller. This makes the skin look flawless but at the same time it's so natural, it looks like your skin but better. Love this product
3. MAC honey lust eyeshadow. This eyeshadow is perfect for summer time. I highly recommend this and have written about this before in earlier posts. It's the perfect honey/gold eyeshadow full of shimmer. It feels gritty when swatched because it's a luster but on this is the most unique and beautiful shadow ever. I love a shimmery lid on summer time and am always using products to get that glowy healthy summer look.
4. Covergirl lash blast mascara. The best drugstore mascara out there in my opinion and one of the best mascaras I have ever tried.
4. MAC Plink lipstick. This is a gorgeous light peach color. This is my favourite MAC lipstick, but MAC recently discountined this lipstick. I must have been the only person in the world that loved it so much. This is my minimal makeup look I have been wearing for the last few weeks.

What makeup do you use on summer time that doesn't melt in heat?
Hope you had a lovely weekend.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nars Orgasm versus Nars Deep Throat blush

Hi everyone,
Long time no post....My PC broke and I just now got it back in my possession so I have had lots of catching up to do and lots of blog posts to read.
I thought to make a quick post about two of my favorite NARS blushes which are NARS orgasm and NARS deep throat (not sure about NARS's product names but love the colors).
NARS Orgasm is on the right and deep throat is on the left.

 NARS orgasm is a very popular blush. It's a mixture of gold, peach and pink all in one with gold shimmer laced thru it. It's very pigmented as are most of NARS blushes. I love this blush best when my hair is lighter. The first thing I noticed when I swatch this blush is the gold shimmer which gives the cheeks that healthy sexy youthful glow. A lot of products give that glow but I think the difference is that this blush is so pigmented that it warms up the cheeks with a soft warm pinky peachy color and it highlights them with at the same time. This is a very pretty color and works well on most skin tones. This blush constantly wins awards in the beauty industry.
 NARS deep throat is very similar to orgasm but much more pinky and less gold. Most people describe this as peach but to me this is more pink than peach. It has a ton of gold sparkles but unlike orgasm the gold particles are more visible on  the product rather than laced thru it. Once you brush this on the cheeks though, the gold particles sort of dissipate. This is my favourite NARS blush. It's more warming to the skin than any other blush I have ever tried. It's gives that sweet pinky flush to the cheeks and that sexy doll cheek look. Here are some swatches of both of these products (Nars orgasm on top and deep throat on the bottom)

Nars deep throat on the left and orgasm on the right.
I love both of these blushes but deep throat is my favorite and a true must have holy grail blush for me. Have you guys tried these products? What is your favorite blush?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Obsessing over pinks

Hello lovelies,
Here are some of the girly things I have been obsessing over in the past couple of weeks:
1. China Glaze "Something sweet". I love this color. It's that pretty bumblegum pink which is perfect for summer. It's in the same family as my all time favourite OPI "mod about you" but with no lilac undertones. This is a limited edition item, so if you can't get this and want something similar, "mod about you" would be a very close dupe.
2. Viva Glam Gaga. This is that typical baby pink with a blue undertone to it. I'm obsessed with this color. Add a bit of MAC "underage" lipglass, and you got pinklicous lips.
3. MAC's pigment in "Rose". This is a pink with tons and tons of gold.. This looks so pretty as an eyeshadow with a dark chocolate brown on the crease. It's perfect for summer because it gives the lids that pretty shimmery look and it opens up the eye. 

4. Britney Spears "Fantasy". A bit embarrassing I know...but this smells so good. The notes are:  red lychee, golden quince, kiwi, cupcake accord, jasmine petals, white chocolate orchid, musk, orris root and sensual woods. It's very sweet and so girly. I get a ton of compliments when wearing this. If you dislike sweet smells, stay well clear of this perfume.
5. DSK jewelery. I am addicted to this jewelery. DSK ran a special on the 4th of July and it was the below necklace. I love keys and this is a key and a swarovksi crystal heart on a silver chain. The picture does not do this justice. The crystal is so pretty especially when outside in the sun.

These are some of the things I have been obsessing over. What are you obsessing over currently?

Friday, July 9, 2010

MAC In the Groove Collection Haul and a question

Hello beautiful followers,
I have a small MAC haul for you from In the Groove Collection. Apologies from the start as I'm sure you've seen these products several times by now but I was just now able to get mine and I'm so excited and want to share them with you.
1. I finally got my hands on "Stereo Rose" msf.

There was a lot hype about this product and I must say "It's gorgeous". It's a soft peachy/coral pink color with brown veining running thru it. I love it and I'm glad I got it. I'll be using this on top of the blush to give a glow and with a light hand as a highlighter.
2. Hang Loose mineralize blush.

This is half baby pink and half lilac. When swiped, you get that soft baby pink blush but the lilac gives it that highlight touch. There is something sweet and angelic about this color and at the same time it gives you that sexy glowy baby doll look. I love it.
3. Soften the mood eyeshadow.

This is a trio mineralized eyeshadow with a dark brown, a light champagne and a pretty baby blue. This is just your typical natural eyeshadow but I like it and I know I'll get a lot of wear out of this.

4. I also got MAC Jazzed.

 Jazzed is so pretty. This sold out online too so I'm so glad I got my hands on this. It's a cremesheen which is one of my favourite finishes. This is a soft coral with a pink undertone to it. It's gorgeous

Overall I was very excited about this collection and when I sow it today, it did not disappoint. It has a lot of warm and natural colors which I really do like and go well with any skintone. Now on to the you guys have any item that can be a dupe to MAC stereo Rose? Do you have a coral blush that you would recommend from any brand? I would love some suggestions.
Hope you all had an amazing day =)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

In and Outs Number 1

Hello lovelies,
I love reading in and outs so I decide to make a post about some of my recent ins and outs.
1. Getting a hold of MAC Stereo Rose. I know I know...enough about stereo rose. There is a whole lot of talk about this MSF so of course it sold out online as soon as it came out. I ordered mine first thing tuesday morning after checking the webpage every 5 minutes like a frantic obsessed woman. Fingers crossed I'll get it within 5-7 business days.
2. Planning a vacation. I'm going on vacation next month somewhere in Florida preferable an island like the Keyes or Boca Grande (obviously I have to stay away from the gulf which makes me very sad). I'll make sure to posts pictures and expect a haul. Nothing like shopping on vacation...I have all the same stores here (well besides Illamasqua) but for some reason, I find shopping while on vacation to just be much sweeter.  Anyone else feels this way?
3. Dark hair. I have been a blonde for years now but recently decided to put some lowlights in my hair. Maybe it's because of my skintone but I find that as a brunette I can wear less make up or go without self tanner. It warms up the skin and I love it.
4. Running in the morning. I love to run or exercise in general. I have been running in the afternoons and recently switched to mornings. I love it. It starts the day at a great start. Rex (my puppy) runs with me, and he is such an amazing motivator. He loves to run and looks so happy doing it :)

1. Not being able to find that perfect foundation. I'm always on the hunt for the "perfect" foundation. I read some great reviews on NARS sheer glow and decided to try.I have oily combination skin and this did not work for me. It made my skin very shinny, and I also noticed breakouts while using this. I am so sad because I really wanted this foundation to work. I tried Sheer Matte and didnt' really like it that much either but at least it gave me no breakouts like the sheer glow. I'm sure Sheer Glow works great on a lot of people, but it just didn't work for my skin. Do you guys have any issues with your foundations? What are some of your favourite foundations?

What are your in and outs?
Hope you guys have had a lovely week xx

Monday, July 5, 2010

MAC bring out the oldies

Hi beautiful followers,
As you all know, MAC releases one or sometimes two limited editions every month. The hard part is falling in love with an item and knowing you can't get it anymore (unless you're willing to pay a whole lot of money on Ebay) It's really excited when MAC brings a limited edition item back. This month,  MAC is bringing back 2 items which they released years ago and that are very coveted.
One of the items is the MAC msf "Stereo Rose" which is coming out with the "In the Groove Collection". This collection is out already in several places in Europe and it's being realised in the US on Thursday (although check online because MAC is known to put them out earlier online). Stereo Rose first came out on July 2005 with the Gold Play collection. This is a very coveted item and sells for wayyyyy tooo much on EBAY. This is a coral/pink MSF. It's the kind that gives that rosey sexy glow to the cheeks. I do not have this but I'm so excited to get my hands on it. Here is a picture of Stereo Rose from Temptalia @ I'm sure all of you have heard of Temptalia. Isn't she amazing?

Also returning are some of the mineralized eyeshadows that came out with the Flashtronic collection on July 2007. These eyeshadows are coming back with MAC Digi-Pops Collection (Nordstom Exclusive) that's coming out on July the 15th. I'm very excited about these eyeshadows especially for lovestone. I heart lovestone. It's a mixture of pink and purple with tons of gold veins running thru it. If you love the likes of MAC cranberry and those sort of warm colors, you'll love Lovestone. I have this shadow but barely use it because I don't have a back up. Look at that beauty! I'm getting a back up of Lovestone.

Do you have a discontinued item that you wish MAC would bring back? Tell me what that one is.
Hope you all are having a wonderful day.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

June Favourites

Hi beautiful followers,
It's time for the June fave =) I can not believe June is over but am excited July is here. That means just one more  month before vacation and that's something to look forward to. I want to share with you some of my June favourites. There is a bit of make up, hair care, nail polish and a few other random things. Apologies for this being such a long post. =)
1. Starting with eyeshadow this is the palette I used for most of this month(from left to right we have MAC Mythology, Cranberry, Honey lust and Twinks). These colors are so vibrant, shimmery, and warm which makes them perfect for summer months. I don't like wearing any dark colors during summer months unless going out at night.

2. The world has 1.8million mascaras and I have tried 1.79million of them. No, not really but that's what it feels like. I love mascara and have tried a bunch. MAC does not do the best mascara, but I really love and would recommend their Plush Lash mascara especially during the summer months because it gives fluttery full sexy lashes without any clumps. You have to know how to work this though as the brush is very different. You have to sort of zigzag it thru the lashes and be patient with it. The result is worth it. In my opinion this the most natural yet dramatic mascara on the market.

3. I love pink especially during summer time so the lips have been pink all this month with a couple of exceptions. For a good part of June I have worn Shu Uemura PK 320M paired with MAC cremesheen glass in Fashion Scoop. I love Shu Uemura and am so sad that they are leaving the US. We'll only be able to purchase their products online. This lipstick is "playboy mansion" pink. It's super pink and it's not one you can just slap on. I have to tab this on and then use a gloss on top.

4. My hair is colored and I use a bit of heat on it. Protecting it and making sure that it's in perfection condition is very important to me. To protect it against damage I use Moroccan Oil. This is not just a June fave. This is a holy grail hair product for me. It lives my hair manageable, soft and healthy without any of the bad chemicals that some other hair products have. I heart Moroccan Oil. I also use their shampoo and conditioners too.

5. This isn't really a June favorite but more of a summer months favorite. During summer I love to wear OPI "Mod About You" nail polish. It's a baby pink with soft lilac undertone. This and Metro Chic are my favorite nail polishes of all time, and when a nail polish junkie picks favorite, that's really saying something. This polish isn't perfect though. It needs two coat and the first has to be very light; otherwise it streaks.

6. The perfume of the month has been Juicy Couture "Viva La Juicy". The notes are: Wild Berries, Mandarins, Honeysuckle, Gardenia, Jasmine, Amber, Caramel, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Praline. This translates to sweet, girly and very summery. Sweet smells aren't for everyone though but I love it.
7. Green Tea. I love green tea. It has several health benefits and I won't go on details about that now but here is one that I have been drinking a lot lately. It has a soft note of Jasmine in it and it's organic. It's delic.

8. My favourite book so far this summer has been the latest Sophia Kinsella book in "20's girl" Very light and fun to read.

These are my June favourites. What are yours? Have you tried any of these products?

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