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Saturday, April 16, 2011

E.L.F eyeshadow palette for MAC shadows?

I'm sure most of you are familiar with E.L.F cosmetics but my local target only recently starting stocking them and I have tested out quite a few of their items. I feel like I'm treasure hunting when I buy these products because their quality is amazing and their price is so very cheap! I'm extremely pleased with the products I have purchases so far so much so that Target has seen a lot of me lately! One of the gems I picked up this week was this four eyeshadow palette meant for E.L.F eyeshadows but I used it for my MAC shadows. The MAC shadows fit great and so do Lorac shadows which I also depot (well I depot everything!). And the price of this palette is only $1.
I'm not much of a bargain shopper, but I think I did pretty good. The e.l.f palette is only $1 and MAC's new ones are now $6. Now it's time for E.L.F to do a 15 color palette. :)
Have you guys tried E.L.F cosmetics and do you have any suggestions for me?
Hope you all have had an amazing Saturday.

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